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Metro UI Dock Icon Set - 725 SVG Icons

By monkee98
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Icons by dAKirby309

Original can be found here: [link]
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Grande Grande lavoro

saluto dall'Italia

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why though? why did you reupload the same project of his on your art "store"(don't know the correct term for this webpage, so forgive me)?

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My condolences on your HDD end DDR
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Hello. i'm editing your set for fun... can i post (obviously with ALL credits) it here on Deviantart?
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"Rules for usage: You may use these icons however you like, BUT if you post them online for others to see, you must provide appropriate credit to me and this set and selling ANYTHING that contains my icons in any way is strictly prohibited UNLESS you are willing to give me a portion of your earnings via Paypal, on ANY site. Period!"

That's from dAKirby309, he created the original set.
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can someone tell me how to use this ?
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It 'a great job, too bad dAKirby309 has placed all its 700 icons ...
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is there any simple way to make these icons black and white?
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what is the difference between this, and the original?
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This one is vectorized so it can be scaled up to insanely large or small resolutions without loosing quality.
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this is SVG while the other is PNG and ICO
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Thanks again, WOW DUDE!!!
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