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Summer Love day

theme 'Love in Summer'
contest :iconhelios-chibiusa:

with thinner lines and traditional coloured. i think it more suitable in that way than my usual art-style.

my scanner eats the colours, i tried to fix it with photoshop editing...still, it looks better on paper D;;
i really need someone to teach me that~ :_;

actually, this is the second (i threw away the first one). Live in two season country makes me never had summer...or it counts 6months summer? :iconheplz:

- Love is about to give and take^^ -
and about to redesign Elios clothes...oh no i made him took off his cloth xDD. i love Chibiusa's

tools : Faber-Castel watercolor pencil; PS CS-3

.Chibiusa x Helios.
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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I never get over how tiny Chibi-usa is.
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thanks hehehe ://D
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soooooooooo cute :aww: :love: I love this couple, too :heart: Nice work :) :clap:
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I LOVE THIS COUPLE!!! SO CUTE~~!!! :love: :heart:
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I vote for you ^^

Also I get your same problem with my drawings. They come out so better when I do them my usual traditonal then photoshop. I think I'll stick to traditonal from now on mostly lol
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This is so lovely! <3
I like the rainbow colors :heart:

so cuuuute ^__^
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thank youuu > x<!
yours are far more lovely dawww~ : A;;
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awww :glomp:
You're welcome! ^__^
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Oh my goodness, I really love this! Everything is so wonderful here, mostly the rainbowy colors. I think they really reflect first off the aura of the series, that whimsical girlish feel, and of course the relationship between these two. They have a positive dream-like relationship and you captured that so well here. :)
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oh Thank you for your amazing comment, you flattered me >///<
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Very lovely work! Helios could have his own swim-trunks.
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Thank you~ :tighthug: yeah he could have >///<
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You're welcome. :D
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QvQ oh em jeh... cuakepnyah... <3 <3 <3 this is luuuv~~

XD Helios nya kyk rada kekecilan badanya... *v* kurus gitu... /plakked

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Helios emang masih kecil kok :'>
Takeuchi-sensei kayaknya emang nga pernah bikin cowok2nya punya badan manry deh >> pada lurus2 semua, tapi mungkin daku bikinnya kelewatan kurus yah huehehe~ :slow:

aeh? daku nga ahli loh :Y
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saya ayam jago dari indonesia = u='a
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