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Welcome to Alola!

The timelapse video is finally up! Click here for the video c:

Thank you in advance for those who are interested in viewing QwQ)

I'm proud to finally upload this.. it took so long Q__Q
Alola sounds so fun to say and I've been saying it in my head a lot haha. I'm feeling the hype for the recently released PKMN Sun and Moon :heart: The new gameplay style and especially the new Pokemon (Alolan Pokemon:heart:) And since well, I have no 3DS :iconmingcryplz: I just went ahead to watch the anime. Even tho the art style is a bit ugly (hnnng Ash looks so derpy, not too mention that Z pose he does :XD:) the anime was surprisingly less serious and more slapstick, which i enjoyed. This picture is inspired by the very first scene in the anime where Ash dives underneath the waves. 
Anyway in celebration of the tropical Alola region, I maked dis. It's about time I actually went on to do a bg.. so much fun (and so much time hrrrg) :iconstressedplz: Those corals had me mindlessly coloring and shading too so it was a great stress reliever. Selene and Elio are absolutely adorable .. theyre like little sibs I just wanna hug :love:
I wish I can play this one day :iconrainbowtearplz:
ALSO!! For the very first time ever, I have recorded the whole process of this (yay!!!) I will be posting the link here once I am able to upload it :D So far Camtasia is not working with me so I have to use a bunch of online converters and stuff to get the job done -_- Anyway it'll be coming soon c:


Used Paint Tool SAI and Wacom Bamboo
Time: 14 hrs. (I work so slowly huhu)
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You shouldn't ever watch the anime.
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Beautiful work, the background is simply gorgeous!
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Una obra de arte
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This is gorgeous! So many details and colors ;W;
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So detailed and beautiful! I really like your choice of colors here!
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Thank you <: I wanted to make the environment bright and lively :D
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thatswhyimhonoredthatyoupraisedmeLlama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  look at you!!!Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1]  this is sososososo amazing!!! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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Aww shucks thank you so much Rin :"3 Im trying my best to improve in drawing sceneries. I hope you look forward to more of my art and i'll watch your progress too❤ have a great day!!
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thank you~ also you're welcome >w<
you can do itttttt!! let's improve together this year ;v; also sure,,
letsstalkeachother 8^D
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Omg.... this is beautiful...!! QAQ I cannot even --- 14 hours?! Slow?! I would consider that really fast given all the insane details you put in here!! I don't even know where to begin with this ... it's such an admirable piece !!! ;w; I love everything about it waaaah~ Even though I don't follow or play pokemon myself, looking at this, I can just feel your passion and love for it xDDD It was really enjoyable watching your speedpaint of it too xD I'm really surprised you work by cleaning up the sketch rather than start new layers though :O Doesn't it take much longer that way?
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waah thank you so much Fruitsie-chan :heart: yessh I wanted to challenge myself with a full CG piece and my Pokemon heart was beating wildly xD I'm glad you enjoyed this and watching the process (it's so long huhu thanks for sitting through the whole thing ( ;w; )b Actually it takes less time ... it's a bit difficult to work on a single layer per character but it saves so much time for me. I personally dislike doing linearts since I feel it's too limiting (you have to color IN the lines) and it's much more difficult to fix mistakes :'( With that coloring style tho I can alter faster and I just have to fix the details since the colors are already there (owo) Thank you so much for the comments (I'll reply to the rest tom)~~ I just got home from Xmas vacay. I promise to watch ur art more closely now ^w^ Merry Christmas~~~~ Santa La Rainbow Emote Rave 
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No problem!! Haha that's really interesting, but I can understand that part about fixing mistakes easily xD Sometimes when I make mistakes I really wish I could paint over it, but I can't because there 's a million crazy layers LOL So I have to wait till the end to see what I can do about it ... "OTL Oooh Christmas vacation! Sounds jolly lol! Merry Christmas to you too!! Hope you had an amazing one! >u< Merry christmas everybody
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Oh, this is so wonderful, really wonderful to me.
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Thank you so much :iconloveloveplz:
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i love this!!! the details are just endless and so breathtaking, i can't imagine all the time and effort you put into this!!! i'm also a huge fan of pokemon myself & really enjoyed sun/moon, so i'm happy to see such a beautiful and playful fanart of it. i just can't take my eyes off of the artwork, there's so much activity (in a good way), and the colours all harmonize together so well ahhhh~ definitely one of my favourite sun/moon fanarts i've seen! ♥
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Aww thank you so much :hug: Yep it was long but it was very worth it; I'm very proud of this and it is currently my best work ^w^ It's nice to meet a big Pokemon fan like myself here :3 I'm really glad that you like it; Reading your comment really brightened up my day.. so thank you so much for telling me how you feel about this :heart: I love bright and happy colors so i went all out on this one since I know that Alola is a happy region !! :heart:
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This is amazing in details.
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Wow thank you so much~!! :3 I rly enjoyed working on this hehe
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