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FAQ - All you need to know about my comissions! :love:

Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ by AutumnOwl Painting Commissions: Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ by AutumnOwl

Which themes do you paint?

:bulletyellow: I mostly accept all themes (portaits, fanart, fantasy, etc..). Everything but offensive stuff. And mechas!! =p

What's the base price?

:bulletyellow: All comissions that just require me to paint and submit it in my gallery (meaning, no prints or other items will be produced) will cost 50€ OR corresponding :points:

What if I want a print of it?

:bulletyellow: You can also ask for a print, and there are 2 possible situations:

- You want it to be exclusive, printed only once: so besides the 50€ OR corresponding :points: base, it will cost you the printing and posts (which will be different depending on the size of the print and where your country is) and, as I won't be able to profit from it anymore, it will cost another 30€ OR corresponding :points: </b>.

- You don't mind if I can print it and sell it whenever I want: so besides the 50€ OR corresponding :points: base, it will only cost you the adittional printing and posts.

- I can get the work printed in one of the following sizes: 4x6 inches, 8x12 inches or 10x15 inches

What about the deadline?

:bulletyellow: I'll check my availability to work on it at the moment you comission me, and define a deadline with you, but let's think about 3 weeks minimum. :nod:

When shall I pay?

:bulletyellow: When I'm ready to start working on your comission (we'll also define the starting date when we define the deadline). As soon as the € or :points: are there, I'll start painting and by the deadline we defined together, you'll get your order delivered - being it digital or both digital and print. ;) (sorry guys, no 'paying after it's done', since I have already experienced 'no paying at all after it's done', so just to make sure...)

How shall I pay?

:bulletyellow: By paypal, to my account at, or
:bulletyellow: By donating me the defined amount of points

Ok, I decided I want to comission you, now...

:bulletyellow: Just send me an e-mail with the description of what you want me to paint. :D

I'd like to have more information

:bulletyellow: You can note me if you want to ask me anything at all about comissions, with no compromise. :love:

Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ by AutumnOwl Animation Commissions: Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ by AutumnOwl

Which themes?

:bulletpurple: I do not accept all themes, but try me, we never know! :D

Do you take animation comissions all the time?

:bulletpurple: Yes, but only one animation comission at a time (send me a note to check if I'm available). :nod:

Is there any lenght limit?

:bulletpurple: Minimum 1 minute, maximum 4 minutes animation comission.

Can I ask for a lineart animation?

:bulletpurple: I accept animation comissions for 3 different modes: sketch, lineart or coloured version. :)

How long will it take for you to finish it?

:bulletpurple: For each minute of animation, around:
- Sketch Version: 1 week
- Lineart Version: 2 weeks
- Coloured Version: 4 weeks

How much will it cost?

:bulletpurple: For each minute of animation:
- Sketch Version: 20€ or 2028 :points:
- Lineart Version: 30€ or 3041 :points:
- Coloured Version: 40€ or 4055 :points:

When and how shall I pay?

:bulletpurple: It works the same way as for painting comissions :)

Can I send you sounds of my own?

:bulletpurple: Yup! If you want to incorporate specific sounds of your own, just send them before I start the animation, so I'll base the frames on it ;) (good quality sounds, please! Don't want to hear your dog barking in the background :giggle:)

Can I see the work in progress?

:bulletpurple: I'll be sending you a few shots of the work in progress so you can still make suggestions/ comments/ be sure I didn't run away with your money/ points :lol:! Then I'll send you the final product - not the isolated frames, though -, and you can do whatever you want with it :nod:

What about the copyright?

:bulletpurple: I'll add a copyright mark/ your name on it if you wish me to, you paid for the animation so it's yours. :)

(will soonly provide an animation demo)

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could you tell me how much that is in us currency?