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Sailor Eris



:new: Got 2nd place wuhuuuuuu!! :w00t:


This is for Drachearannak's Sailor dwarf contest. I have chosen Sailor Eris since I've always been fascinated by the Goddess this sailor is named after, the Goddess of Discord :love:

However I'm submiting it into Drachea's fan club because, unfortunately... he has left deviantART due to troll people who don't have anything more interesting to do than to annoy others :no:

:heart: you Drache!


:star: About the character: :star:

Name: Discordia (how original, I know... but it makes sense to me she's called that ^ ^); Her close friends call her Dia

Birthday: November the 1st (unkown year)

Stone/ Gems: Amethyst

Colors: Black, Purple and Gold

Outfit: Black skirt and sailor neck (which is long like a cloak); White corset with front and back purple bows; White long gloves with golden bracelets where the cloak is attached; 2 amethyst gems; Golden tiara; Black choker with a pendant of a golden apple; Black Mary Janes (I just love those!! :D);

Looks: Voluptuous girl with messy long red hair and golden eyes. Likes to wear sexy stuff and to use make-up.

Personality: She's not an evil sailor. Mischievous, not evil. :giggle:

Likes: To play pranks on others, going out to chase after some boys (Sailor Venus is her BFF)

Dislikes: People obsessed with cleaning (Sailor Jupiter makes her nervous…)

Power: Fake Reality - with her golden-mask wand (which got 3 bells representing the 3 goddesses who fell in war because of the golden apple thrown by Eris, the Goddess of Discord) she distorts reality. This messes with the 5 senses of Discordia’s opponents, making them experience total different contexts than the one they are actually in. Again, she’s not an evil sailor but the extension of her powers can drive one to madness or, in some cases, death.

Job: Movie Producer :blush:

Other: She got a female red fox pet named Oasis, whose age is also unknown. :flirty:



Pose from
Theatre reference from ~stocklove [link] :D

WIP shots: [link]

This is also the completion of my 3rd (out of 8) auto-challenges: 'to draw a character in a dynamic and not a standing pose (see my main page for more info ;))

Hope you like her! Also if you want to draw her be my guest, just let me know so I can :+fav: your work :love:

:new: Fanart of S.E.: [link] :new: :love:

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The Sailor Moon series are © Naoko Takeuchi

:star: About my comissions:star:
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