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I've been thinking for a while and bills suck and being a grown up sucks so I'm considering opening a patreon. I don't like the idea of pay-walling tutorials or anything I've been doing for the past couple of years. If I did make one I'd offer people resources they can use. I'm considering making brush packs for both Sai and Photoshop, texture packs for both programs, patterns for Photoshop. I also wanted to make a Psd resource that contained character bases for a front back and side view that people can use to design their own characters or use for commissions. I guess I'd release them in different body types and stuff so people can customize them. I might also throw in prints and buttons. I dunno I just want to give people stuff they can either use or physically keep. I also might throw my drawing process in video form. 

Let me know what you think? D:
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If you decide to have prints and buttons as part of rewards for patrons, it'd be cool if you had them in a lootcrate style where they'd all be a mystery till you open up the package!