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Stay Together

By moni158
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Don't mind me....just doing some more Attack on Feels..ops I mean Attack on Titan fanart.

Mikasa holding poor Erens hand after their expedition beyond the wall fails... poor bbys

My fav scene from episode 22
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RenewedEdenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Super OTP <3 Though I like Annie x Eren too XD
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MuricanGirl00Hobbyist General Artist

Mikasa Ackerman (Blush) [V1] Eren Yeager (Smile) [V2] 
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pinkDiamond1362Hobbyist Traditional Artist
tsh....Shut up mikasa...Actually Armin must sit there and hold Erens and
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MasterChica1987Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow... I really love how much this symbolizes, just their hands in contact... says so much about them, true OTP! :heart:
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triiceryyyStudent Digital Artist
It never ends.

there's too much fanart to click though
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xTheBigBadWolf Digital Artist
The feels are killing me ;A;
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JustepourlesavatarsStudent Digital Artist
Omg I cried when i saw this scene T___T
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TrueGamiGamiHobbyist Traditional Artist
just DO IT!!! cry it out GIST just DO IT!!! 
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x-Lilou-chan-xStudent Digital Artist
I think it's the only episode that made me cry for 'real' X"D that poor guy crying... uuugh
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omg cry MY LIFE IS A LIE Nicolas Cage 
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KirschchanHobbyist General Artist
I'm so late to the scene, but GOSH. Perfect combination of great art and a touching moment <333
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ElenaMeganStudent Digital Artist
I'm dead from the feels. Bye. 
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TheChubbyGilbirdHobbyist General Artist
Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
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Oh gads.... even more feels.... :cries:
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Beauty-BunnyProfessional Artist
"Attack on Feels"
Omg, this pieces deserves a DD just for that...
You should name the title that! 
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D: T^T uhuuu *me sobbing in a corner*
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I like how this anime can display such a sweet relationship without necessarily being romantic at all. Almost all animes out there now-a-days feature a romantic realationship between main characters so this as a refreshing change of pace. Because family relationships are important too ^^

Nice job on this, btw!

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IINaruto-KunIIStudent Digital Artist
nice job ^^
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very sweet scene
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MikonoMechHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww...that scene was my favorite (that, and the scene when they discovered who was the female titan :) )
...Oh, and i heard that there will be a season 2. And I'm pretty sure it's true...I also know that the new season will appear in 2014. Let's just keep hoping...
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Ooooh, this is sooo good it's breaking my heart! That's one of my favourite moments on the episode as well! Just love this small signs of in
AngelSmileeeee's avatar
..of intimacy in their relationship!! :love:  I'm loving your Mikasa/ Eren pictures so much! You capture my exact favoutire moments, so please keep up the great work! :aww: :hug: ( And sorry for the double comment, but I got excited and accidentally pressed the comment button :blush: )
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OMG this scene broke my heart! So sad!!! :sad: revamp
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