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Relaxed hands

I haven't made any tips sheets in a long time ( Mainly because I've covered everything I'm comfortable drawing and/or showing others )

I've found plenty of resources on drawing hands in dynamic poses etc but the thing I find I need most is very relaxed/ natural hand positions etc 

So heres some stuff I've learnt, hope its useful :D And if you're also having trouble with relaxed hands, get a mirror and look at your own hands and try draw them, or find some references etc. Real life is the best teacher.
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Those hands could be useful. Thanks for these hand refs.

funnylouie's avatar

This is super helpful, thank you so much for this! Keep up the great work! Totally watching.

Tartelii's avatar
You're a legend!! Thanks for this amazing ref sheet, I'm on my course to learning hands and this is great!! *Watches*
Thanks for your contribution to dA <3 :D
Vhestale's avatar
Your hands on the hips just saved me TT^TT Thank you!
Sev-Lily-lover's avatar
could someone please explain to me why are hands so hard to draw? ;-;
moni158's avatar
Because they're very flexible and very complex...unfortunately... ;-;
Diabloo-666's avatar
Thank for this man QvQ
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What awesome hand references! I definitely need those hand on hips one.
chasing-the-serenade's avatar
Hands are so hard ;-; I will definitely use this for further reference!
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"Real life is the best teacher."

true dat!
KagamiNoHikari's avatar
Bless you~♪ I have been searching for one of these for ages.
SocQA's avatar
Thanks for this tips sheet, that'll definitely help :)
werkthatasdfl's avatar
What is the process you use to draw hands? Do you do the fingers first, or do you use lines, what?
pencilTHEpuppy's avatar
all of your tutorials are so helpful and easy to understand :3 thank you for making theese x3
PhoenixMasterless's avatar
Incredible this is good tutorial
Iduna-Haya's avatar
Hands on hips, yay! It's my favorite way to draw females, but I find it so difficult to make it look right, no matter how many hours I spend in front of the mirror ^^ Thanks a bunch! 
KaiiChu's avatar
Would you ever consider doing a tutorial  for the lower half of the male body? (v-line /hips/legs etc)  That would be so wonderful *^* !! 
Your tutuorials are so easy to understand! 
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So useful1 omg cry Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] happy cry XD rainbow cry Cry forever 
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You don't mind if I use this for practice? If I post something, I'll cite this deviation.
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These are really good hands. Very flexible and flowing.
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this is a life saver!
RedLotusPony's avatar
This is amazing. I really need some help with my hands.
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This is perfect. you are perfect~
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We see a lot of reference about hands but never in relaxed or natural position. This tutorial helps a lot so.
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