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August 21, 2011
More anatomy tips by *moni158 -- Suggester's words: This is only one of the many helpful anatomy and drawing tips in *moni158's gallery! Don't forget to check it out ^^
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More anatomy tips

I cannot seem to stress this enough, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, there is definitely room for improvement with my anatomy, but im just sharing a few tips on the way I myself draw.

This is the last one of these that Im making >.< (*off to make a proper tutorial*)

Theres a mini tutorial on the top right, its a bit vague but remember easiest way is to divide what you want to draw into shapes.

I drew a few more complex angles, just to show how the body changes and what the muscles do.

Drawing hands? apparently its the hardest thing to draw, and im gonna have to agree >.<! But there are a few tricks which i will explain more thoroughly in my tutorial, but for now the best what to draw them is to have a good look at your own hands and try to get an idea of the general shape. Also i suggest getting a mirror and having a look at them from different angles.

Once again, hope this was of some use.

*edit, thankyou for the DD TwT*

(preferably for anime use)

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i have trouble with bodies,,, there just... big booty bitches man
DarknessNight12's avatar
I really love this section, this help me so much (especially with drawing male body), thank and you art it's fantastic! n3n
DickButtInk's avatar
but what if i want him to have a donger
Deli-Sammich's avatar
Then go find a tutorial for dongers
MissesChamberlain's avatar
The male go by is a very complicated thing to draw. I think you captured it greatly. Keep up the good work
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Cycromorpt's avatar
hands? yes. Body according to gender. Welp.. you cant actually see right exactly in front of ye... unless you're married or not single. yeh knw wht i mean. just joking.. pls dont hate me. Wink/Razz 
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look at the date
Kitanokata's avatar
OMG! So cool and helpful! You are saving my future works, since I suck at anatomy :blushes:.
I love your drawings. :)
my favorite that drew the muscles of mens.
Mushiishy's avatar
all beautiful.i will make good use for them
PrettySkitty16's avatar
I will benefit from these ref points :)
DecayingDev's avatar
I  love this, thanks
Sushikitten28's avatar
The way how I see then anyone else, it looks painful to practice that!!!! By great job!
Sushikitten28's avatar
And by the way is it rlly necessary to show butt? It uh kinda feels uncomfortable seeing
DecayingDev's avatar
if you are uncomfortable in seeing basic anatomy, then stop learning to draw now and save yourself the pain.
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The fabulous. Fabulous! Pewdiepie Fabulous #3 Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD 
LuneEmerald's avatar
You have an amazing talent ^v^ 
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Some girls be like,😍
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