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Just a quick painting/drawing >.<

Mermaid and her shark companion are hunting. People usually make them friends with dolphins...but we all know sharks are far more awesome. :dummy:

now time for Uni work> :iconcryforeverplz:
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Whenever I look at this image, I like to imagine that mermaids actually love sharks unlike humans who kill them for their fins or out of irrational fear. 
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This is so cool!
GamerArtist1's avatar
Epic...just epic
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reminds ma of my OC Marina, & her Dad Dakkuwakaa the Fiji shark god.
DaimoNxx's avatar
Hell yeah!!! Eventually, bad girls like bad boys
Zalay02's avatar
I love it! And true dat, sharks are really cool! OMG this reminded me if a documentary called Mermaids:The body Found, on animal planet. I adore the hair! And claws on the hands are really cool too! Fantastic job!
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Very well done :-)
DayDreamer-JJ's avatar
A dark menacing mermaid, love it!
Winterstone16's avatar
yes sharks are awesome :D
Wolverienie's avatar
I'm sorry for the fave spam, but your work is just so fabulous. >A>
sakurafree11012's avatar
i really like your mermaid pictures. XD
im starting to draw them but i'm not this good :/
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i love the mermaid shes so pretty
redchicken888's avatar
Snap. Something's bout to go down.
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amazing drawing style :)
Black-Wren's avatar
Beautiful!  I love her design!
Definately agree with you there.
Threshie's avatar
Swimmin' with the sharks. 8D Awwww.
wrecker-roadbuster's avatar
i'd would love to get hunted by her anyday
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Latest national discovery reveal that mermaid been eaten by shark and friends with whale.
TheOmnivorusGeek's avatar
I imagine her having razor sharp teeth!
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Amazing work, beautiful shark ;)
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It's true, excellent choice to do something less cliche.
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