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Hair and lighting

>.< some practice stuff and a few people asked for more hair references and tips and what not.

I will do a male version too ^^

( just note that variant light works really nicely on hair since its shiny and reflective, The variant/ reflective light is shown by the blue arrow and appears as a light-ish gray while the red arrow is the dominant light source, also keep in mind some times there is only one light source and sometimes there can be multiple ^^ just have fun and experiment)
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Nice, thank you for sharing.  Greetings from Guatemala.
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excellent tips for draw different types of hair
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Thanks for the images. They are so neat!
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Love the curls!
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I officially love you. My manga will be THAT much less suckish now. Bless your soul.
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Your hair and Lighting tutorials are really helpful
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Ahaa, this is awesome! Thanks ^^
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Awesome! Thank you ^__^
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verry nice :3
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soooooo helpful!!! thnk u >.<
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Wow thanks for the helpfulness
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Very helpful and interesting, plus fun to look at! Thanks for the tips!
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This is so helpful!
Thanks a bunch.
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... I officially love you. :glomp: I've been looking for something like this for AGES. :D
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thanks this is great!
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