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Female body study

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Touching upon problems I had drawing females a while back....(backs, stomach, etc)

I've learnt a few new things, ( how to portray the hip bones and the ridge along the spine )

I've covered the naughty bits so I'm not bothering with a mature filter since this is for educational purposes. ( my last one got reported because there were nipples? and some douche face tried to report it as underage nudity because the girl had small breasts? :iconimspeechlessplz: hear that! if your character has small breasts their obviously underage!!!/*end sarcasm)

Oh and please don't wine to me this time if you think the girl is too skinny.. I don't care, in fact you are more than welcome to navigate away from my page and draw your own plumper girls okay? capiche?

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Tabanca83Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would be great if you could post the actual color palette you were using. :D
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DarrungHobbyist Digital Artist
nice Heart 
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coldcuts25Student Digital Artist
The skin tones are so evenly blended your work is amazing, to me the bodies look really sexy! (That's coming from a straight chick)
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demonthenangelStudent General Artist
everyone complains but I am astonished by your work :o
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AeodinHobbyist Digital Artist
I love how when artists give tips on drawing the male form, it's the actual anatomically correct male form, but when they give tips about drawing the supposed female form, it's always the prototypical unrealistic, unattainable sex object form shown in guys' fantasy drawings. As a physician who's gone through years of studying anatomy and interning at surgery, I can tell you with certainty that the supposed layout of the bones in your image is fantastically unrealistic. Don't get me wrong, you're an incredible artist, I'm not out to give you a hard time. But I'm just a little tired of seeing unrealistic depictions of women's bodies showcased as presumably being what women really look like. 

Before you reply to this critical comment, please think of first replying to your countless fans who have lavished you with praise; they certainly deserve your attention and gratitude more than this comment does. Have a good day <3
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moni158Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna ignore the sexualizing gibberish and move on to your bone criticism. Yeah the bones structure on here is pretty bad, the gap between the ribcage and hip bones is suppose to be much smaller as other people have already pointed out. Also the torso is far too long. 

You need to realize artists/content creators gravitate towards more critical comments because it can give them an opportunity to improve their own work. Don't be surprised if people respond more to critique than praise. :shrug: 
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rosebvrstHobbyist Digital Artist
skinny girls don't need no spine
Great drawing skills, I need to do something like this sometime since I focus too much on faces.
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Viness4livezzStudent Interface Designer
The hell?
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rosebvrstHobbyist Digital Artist
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CharaoraStudent Digital Artist
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Yeah, where will you fit the spleen and kidneys and stomach?
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rosebvrstHobbyist Digital Artist
the hips
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UnicornCatHobbyist General Artist
very nice references!
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TerryducklolHobbyist Interface Designer
dude... I cant draw anadamy
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RHAcmy2kStudent Filmographer
you cant even spell it either

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SophismeHobbyist Digital Artist

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RHAcmy2kStudent Filmographer
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TerryducklolHobbyist Interface Designer
Waw. Sorry I typo alot. ]: ( rude
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RHAcmy2kStudent Filmographer
same accually 
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TerryducklolHobbyist Interface Designer
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LamiLlaasanhaStudent Artist
best censor llama cancanllama cancanllama cancanllama cancan 
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CrystalHeartz6Student Digital Artist
i like that
avoid broken back syndrome XD
and i see those smiley faces ;-; 
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B-TheArtistHobbyist General Artist
Thank you, this is so helpful!!! :)
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