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Face lighting.

Face lighting tips due to common request. >.<

Well this is obviously limited to anime and lighting really depends on the shape of someones face. the guy has a more pronounced bridge while the girl doesn't and it causes less of a shadow ( as seen in the image)

Also another thing to remember is variant light or reflective light ( lighting bouncing of objects, some time transmitting the colour of the object too) if there are a few light sources this can create all kinds of different lighting effects. make sure to experiment and have fun ;)

( the guy is not Ichigo... =.= he is default guy number 1)

profile and misc angles

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I unintentionally showed a LOT of this drawing on my video (…) lol but i made sure to credit you!! Great job and THANKS A LOT
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Thank you SO much for this! It's very helpful! :)
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I know I've said this on your other references but thank you sooo much for drawing these!
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helpful! thank you! and i like your style! 
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Super helpful, thank you!
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Clap  wonderful, i been having some trouble with shading.. thank you for doing this...
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Here goes.. How do you make your brush, do softer 'manga' sketch lines? I've fondled with the settings but keep on seeming inept - I'd really like when I draw my scetches, to start thick, and thin in the end like when you draw hair etc
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You need a drawing tablet and pen pressure.
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Thanks for the response :)
I think I was referring to the clean and smoothness of the lines. The line smoother of clip studio pro for instance doesnt seem to have something equivalent in ps.
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Autodesk sketchbook Pro is another great alternative to Photoshop. I'm not sure on price difference, but I like it better than my experience with Photoshop. all in preference, another that people like to use is Sai Paint Tool (?) it makes nice clean, crisp lines, not as easy to figure out in my experience an alternative to that would be firealpaca, which is free. However, like ShadowWings-Forever said using a pen and certain techniques will give you an almost exact feel (and for some artists even better than using a computer program, all in the wrist and experience! :D) Also if you do go with Autodesk check out Paris Christou (I don't know how to spell his last name he does toonbox studios on youtube) he has an amazing tutorial on chrisp clean lines for the program :) Also, it may not be program settings you need to look in, it may be your tablit/pen settings.
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I know on paper with pen you can do it by quickly moving your pen in the direction of the hair and lifting it up.
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Wow! I'm always surprised at the level of support really great artists give to the community.

Keep up the good work!


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It's people like you that help me get better at my art. ty  ^^
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I've been needing help on this sorta thing. Thanks this was very useful for me ^^
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good technique tips-thanks
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I have a hard time with lighting
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^ ^ All of these are very helpful
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As someone who's trying to draw an anime face, this is an amazing lighting reference!
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