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+Drawing hands and tips+

Drawing hands is arguable one of the hardest parts of the human anatomy to draw due to its complexity and wide range of movement.

Best way to learn is to reference, and there’s no better reference than your own hands. Get a camera or a mirror and have a look at them from different angles. You need to understand the shape before you can start drawing them consistently.

Tips ( my way of drawing hands)

Fingers are generally the same length as the palm

The middle finger is the longest.(for most people). Individual finger lengths vary, though generally after the middle finger the ring finger is longer in males while the pointing finger is generally longer in females.

Best way to draw the hand is to divide it up into shapes, I have a few examples above on how I do this.

Some of these hands are quite realistic and anatomically correct but I’ve designed them for anime use. The detail is just to show the shape. It’s best to understand something and have a good amount of knowledge about it before simplifying and stylizing it.

Hope this was helpful, if I can think of any more points I'll add them , and feel free to reference

Feedback is always welcome

( thankyou for the 10K favorites :iconhappytearsplz:)

Remember to practice, hands take quite a while to get the hang of >.<!


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