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Drawing faces at an angle

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Drawing faces and drawing faces at an angle by popular demand :meow:

This is my manga/anime style of drawing and obviously styles and proportions will differ from person to person. but if you find these tips helpful feel free to apply them to your own style.

:iconwthplz:( this was so hard to make ).....
drawing faces at an angle can be difficult, but there are a few tricks to make it easier.

Make a grid on you initial sketch like shown above, divide it up half way for the eyes, half way between the rest is the nose and half way between that and the rest of the chin lies the mouth, of course all faces aren't the same and you can change the bottom two a bit, but make sure the eyes are always half way.

Doing this isn't just good for proportion it also shows you where the eyes nose and mouth will go when you change the angle. Remember that they are not straight lines, they curve with the shape of the face.

Foreshortening is also very important when drawing the face leaning forward, backwards etc. Whats furthest away will appear more compact and closer together/smaller while things closer will be bigger and further apart.

From the profile the eyes generally start where the mouth ends and the eyes are where the bridge of the nose connect with the forehead. The ears are in line with the nose and eyes and the neck joins the jaw a little bit back from the eyes.

:iconbaibaiplz: hope this is helpful

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this is so niceeeeeee thank you for offering such good tips <3
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Can you critique mine please? let me know what to work on?
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Not bad, the only mistake I see is the eyes are bit too high, image a line across the middle of the head and make sure the eyes are on that line or a little bit above. :)
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Oh okay, got it thank you so much for the quick reply ;) now I can keep practicing. Love your gallery by the way <3
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This is more helpful than three art lessons Cute Spoop 
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Nice reference. Thanks!
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(That first one in the top left) and I say...HEEEYYY HEEEYYY YYEEDH YYEEEA YAAA HEEEYYY YYEEAAA YEEAA I said hey! What's going on?
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Really handsome
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I just got into drawing again, and I want to adapt more of a manga/anime style so this is awesome to see! I'm just on anatomy and figure drawing though so I have a long way to go. 
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this is awesome :D
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Thanks for the tutorial.
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amazing you are awesome!
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omfgz thank you so much this was ridiculously helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why didn't i find this sooner? :/

Hontou ni Arigatou ne!!!! :D
*poofs* :3
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XD I was just perusing through search and saw this and was like 0.0 *loves soooo much* I went to see who it was and it's you XDD haha
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i feel like i've seen this type of drawing before............and I LOVE IT
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This is really helpful. Thank you!
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This is really helpful. I've just recently started art lessons at the age of 57 and am really enjoying discovering all the different ways to draw people in particular. Thank you for helping my artistic journey a little easier :)
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This definitely will help in my upcoming project...

Thank you very much!
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This is useful, thank you.
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i love the way how you use simple shapes to explain the human anatomy. you should be a teacher, all of the student will adore you.
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How2 long did it take you to reach this level of drawing? Please, could you tell me? Please...
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2 years? try that.
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