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Drawing anime noses

A few tips on drawing Anime noses and how to do the shadow. ( in my style)

Noses can be difficult to shade if your not familiar with the shape. The shadow will be different according the the type of nose you are drawing. The noses i have drawn have a bridge that extents up all the way to between the eyes, and the shadow is done accordingly.

If there is less of a bridge there will be less of a shadow on the upper part of the nose.

The nostrils aren't always shadowed, especially if there is more than one light source or the light is coming directly from the side of the nose.

The shape is pretty straight forward, but the problems come when trying to draw it from different angles, once again i suggest a mirror or to look at some reference pictures, even if there from real life since its easy to convert itto manga

Hope this was helpful :iconbaibaiplz:
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:iconsupertighthugplz: This is so helpful, along with your other tips <3
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Thanks, this is truly useful Heart 
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trying to draw draw nosesthis well help me that is a for sure Thanks Alot!!!
Nice lighting!!!! 
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How did I end up on this side of dA?
Its sad if you think about it
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What you mean?
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I'm not looking at like dogs at anything i'm looking at noses XD
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That nose right by the disgusted face looks like an aardvark.  XD
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i mean these are hardly anime noses but y'know
they help better than those funky points that animes have
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They're more JRPG noses.
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*looks at that wonky nose captions 'wtfeww' * Who has that nose type......nobody nose.... Clem Epic face Llama shy I had to-- 
Nevertheless I love these observations~ 
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Which one is more preferred for a female character?
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I have been looking for this for a long time! I have no idea how to draw noses! Thank you so much!
(P.S. Sorry for filling your inbox with my many praises of your references.)
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thanks for this! helped a lot :3
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Thank you I've always had a hard time with noses😄
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sniff im jelouse of my name :( OH WELL THE PUPPET DONT GOT NO NOSE AND HE'S HAPPY ABOUT IT :D!Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon 
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omg thanks im trying to draw draw noses for my characters and they look so dumb and this helped a lot thanks!!!
I love it!! This is Super Duper helpful! But If I may ask, What program do you use?
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This is very helpful!! thank you~
I always have difficulty drawing nose!
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You use Paint Tool SAI, don't u?
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Pretty helpful, Thanks I am a dummy! 
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This is nice and all but I feel very excluded for some reason.. Oh wait thats right I have a grecian nose. An old world feature that comes to the bridge of the nose, forming a slight arch. Closest one drawn here was the one you added a mole too. :I
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