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Drawing Lips

Drawing lips tips!

I usually find it easier to get them aligned when I match the cupids bow to the bottom of the nose ^^ ( refer to the lower left corner)

More step by steps too! Once you know the shape of the mouth and lips its easy to apply it to any face angle.

You may use/edit/reference these without any prior permission. All my tips/tutorial sheets are for public use ;) all I ask for is you have fun learning!

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Would this also work for lined drawings or is this strictly for painting?
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What an excellent suggestion, to match up the lips with the Cupid's bow. Can't wait to test out this recommendation. Thanks! x
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Nice and useful collection! :)
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Amazingly done! :D
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great tutorial:)
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seriously, these tutorials are some of the best ive seen, LOVE THEM
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you're cool as fudge!
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Thank you so much!!
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lips are so hard to drawing Lips revamp Lol
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This helped me so much I can,t believe at first my lips sucked so bad thankyou so much!!!!!!!!
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This helped soooooo much!
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Your tutorial are incredible! Thank you :D
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Thanks for this :D
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cool.but i have trouble colouring realistic lips...
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Thanks for breaking it down! You've created superb explanations
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Thank you, I will keep on learning ;)
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how do u paint thoses??
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This help me out A LOT ! thank you
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i spy an ozai? thanks!
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really amazing tutorial
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pwetty lipssessss :drool:
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