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Connor Kenway

Commission for the awesome :iconsavageanemone:! I hope you like it! :huggle:

Connor Kenway :heart: from Assassins Creed 3

I wanna play AC3 so bad now.... :iconsadtardplz:

Moar commission work!
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My god.That is gorgeous.
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Lol he's hunting the fangirl that took his shirt. I LOVE IT
Lenora-chan's avatar
So awewsome! You're really talented :)
Makes me want to play the game so bad now...
Eawisdom's avatar
Favorite Assassin :D
tomytieneblas74's avatar
I like the bow and Arrow !
DeejahThoris's avatar
This is beautiful! Omfg! Adding to fav's right now!!
MonsterNiccals's avatar
I WANT!!!! *fangirls slightly* sorry about that
Arelenedhel's avatar
Wow! He looks fantastic!
Ransom922Studios's avatar
The arrow's on the right side... and he's a right-handed archer... damn, he must be good, because usually it's impossible to do so without fucking up your aim. I shoot all the time, so I know.
artemislabyrinth's avatar
electricTwilight's avatar
Nice !! :omg:
His face is well expressive !
Light effects are great !
The pose is exactly the one of an archer ! :)
did you use a model for this ?
hoyminoy's avatar
wow, this is really nice! did you use pen tool?
wolfamodais's avatar
First I have a question before I talk about the art.
My question is this
What is up with calling Connor "Connor Kenway" when that is not his name?
Yes he adopts the name Connor from Achilles Davenport, but her never once used the name Kenway. His real name isn't even Connor its Ratanhnke:ton.
Ok sorry had to get that out of the way.

First hes looks like a white man. Not native at all. He is to thin. Even his father was broad.

Second he is holding the bow in the wrong hand. The way he is holding the arrow is wrong. Ok let me break it down for you. Hand holding bow- pointer finger used to stableize arrow giving so it don't swerve of to the left or righ or just drop.It also gives the arrow a mor upword drictional approch when being launched as to counter for the natrail drop any projectal has while traveling. Also the hand holding the arrow itself should be more closed and closer to the fletchings of the arrow(the back). But yeah anyways im not going to get into the nitty gritty of it.

I can't say any more because them two thing are what got to me. Over all it is a nice pice.
moni158's avatar
Because that's what people know him as.

Scroll through the comments, I've addressed this already, sorry can't give you a link, its buried in there somewhere. :)
wolfamodais's avatar
Its ok Im not gonna scroll through all that just to find it.

Im sorry I came off as and ass. Sometimes the little things like that just get to me... I don't expect people to understand.

Its like when me and my cousin goes out and people call him Toby but his name is Tohgkanhkre:mhu.

So yeah Im sorry it came out that way. However I do like the work.
BaneEden's avatar
I just fell in love..:heart:
LordHarrington's avatar
It's great, especially the painting, however Connor needs to be of a broader figure. He wasn't as thin as Ezio or Altair.
sentryJ's avatar
check this poster out [link]
Akiraherr's avatar
oh! didn't notice before! BELLY BUTTON!^^ you're great moni absolutely great:D
jayfeather5651's avatar
This is awesome but he is holding the arrow on the wrong side of the bow, and normally the pointer-finger stabilizes the front of the arrow while the back end of the arrow is sandwiched between two fingers. The problem with holding it like he is is that the arrow would swerve to the right or drop all together because nothing is holding it there. But otherwise it's amazing! <3
fruitbatslyra's avatar
May I use your picture for a amv I am making on youtube? I will make sure to credit you and link back to here.
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