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Clothes tips

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In a way clothes are the same as hair, there is no exact way to draw it. Just takes a lot of practice.

First things first, apply gravity, the clothes will always be hanging downwards unless they’re in a vacuum, moving or there is wind.

If you want the clothes tight, they should hug the contours of the body. The clothes will stretch on the thicker parts and have less wrinkles, on the parts that taper down, the clothes will start to bunch up and cling.

Different fabrics will behave differently some are more stiff, some are softer, and some are elastic.

For loose clothes, try to pinpoint the part that stick out the most, the clothes will drape from there, e.g. top of the shoulders, chest, arms.

When adding layers of clothes keep in mind the thickness of each garment, since they will build up with each one added.

Some good ways to understand how fabrics behave is to draw clothes out of a magazine or draw your bed cover. Once you have a general understanding it’s easy to apply.

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Thank you very much for the tutorial! ill make very much use for it! (no i will not steal these poses and no i don't trace just to throw that out there i mean it but ill practice drawing these carefully)
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Do you use Photoshop?
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Many thanks senpai :D
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great study
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It's hard but helpful
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Thank you Anatomy senpai
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VERY VERY Help full.
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Thank you so much
I need all the help I can get OTL
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this is  very  useful for my practices of draw ;D 
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thank you for this!
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Picking up my character drawing again and I have a couple people I want in action shots so this will help along the way, definitely! Glad I found this :D Thank you!
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You are solving all of my drawing problems
I am eternally grateful
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I like this its really helpfull.
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Oh my glob I love you right now! Thank you!
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This helps so much! Thanks for sharing.
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This can also be very useful.  Thanks again! :D
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I have been told I draw fabrics really well, to bad I'm not much good in the other areas xD
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I finally got a new sketch pad, so I'll be practicing T^T
I could really use the practice

thanks for the tips, I  hadn't thought of the magazine thing before♥
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I always put either too many creases/wrinkles or too many, or I don't know where to put them. :/
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i love your tutorials, thanks
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Base color is with hard brush what about shading and highlights ? (hard or soft brush)
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:dance: These are really helpful! It would be awesome if you did one on how to color/shade clothing, as well! I think that's something a lot of artists struggle with, too. 
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thanks for the tips. I like that you added the fold types, that's so useful :)
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Thank you so much QwQ
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