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Anime eyes and Tips

Some Anime (cell shaded) eyes in my style ^^!

If you like them feel free to reference or use the colours.

Now for Anime eye tips? ( these are merely my opinion and derived from my own experiences)

Your characters eyes can say a lot about them, whether you want them fierce or kind, mysterious or bold, eyes are a great way to show character and help portray personality.

I find evil/fierce eyes tend to be sharper and more elongated in shape, while kinder eyes are generally more curved with a flatter bottom and a more curved top. To create a more intense eye, giving the iris a dark out line and making the pupil very small tends to do the trick ^^!

Animes eyes are also extremely varied from semi realistic to chibi, and allow for a lot of creative flexibility. Just keep in mind the basics when drawing the eye. It is not flat, instead it is more of an oval/circular shape and when viewing from the side is is visibly curved with the cornea creating another curve on top of the globe. Also it is important to remember to give the eye lids thickness.

I recommend becoming more familiar with the anatomy of the eye, find some good photos or diagrams to see what is what, and what goes were.

Well hope this is helpful :iconbaibaiplz:

Feedback is always welcome

(theres a few anime characters eyes in there >.< see who you can spot XD!)

some tips on anime anatomy and lips if your interested

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I Saw sharingan and clicked right away
tatskikurosaki's avatar
wow there really nice i love drawing the eyes i feel like thats the best part 
and 2 of those eyes r from bleach grimmjow and hichigo  i love them both so much 
platinum-wings201's avatar
Anime is awesome, and so are these eyes! So cool!!:D (Big Grin) 
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Awesome tips, and thank you!!!
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sexy eyes!!!... <3
Your eyes have a lot of intensity, good work.
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This is really helpful!  Thank you ^^
bunnybun0w0's avatar
this helped a lot. Thank you ^w^
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I see some Bleach inspiration in some of those eyes!bleach grimmjow icon 
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There's saskus eyes(don't know if I spelled his name right😅)
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That's what I thought too. :D
moni158's avatar
I did this in 2010
sijed's avatar
XD Still nice tho haha
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thank you for help! :3
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Most of eyes are from Bleach (expect these with custom iris and/or red color), even Aizen is there (whore)
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2 of them are from bleach
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your tips are amazing, it rly helps me thankss:D (Big Grin) 
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This is so beautifully helpful, you don't even know, man. Saved my soul.
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Hichigo, Kakashi Grimmjow, Sharingan, Byakugan...

And is that Brown eye in the top right Aizen by any chance? Hehe
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