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Anime and Realism lips tips

My favorite part to draw :heart:, i love plump shiny lips regardless of gender.

If you like my style feel free to reference the mouths or colours ^^!

There really is no right or wrong style but there are a few guide lines when drawing lips. The upper lip generally juts out a little bit over the bottom lip and requires a highlight on the top part of the lip and the rest is shadowed and darker than the lower lip. The bottom lip needs a highlight on the center as this part stick out the most. The corners of the mouth also need a highlight on the bottom edge on the bottom lip. Lips come in many different shapes and colours. They also differ a bit between genders though men can still have plump full lips and women can still have thin lips. Though generally mens lips are thinner and longer while female lips of softer and fuller.

lips are also textured with tiny soft ridges instead of being completely smooth if your doing realism. This is because the lip stretches when the mouth is opened or when pulling certain expressions and needs a degree of elasticity.

hope this is helpful and feedback or criticism is always welcome

I will be making a few more (hands, noses, and maybe hair or colourpicking/colour correction.)

more tips


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thanks this reference is great help

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thnx for sharing , very helpfull.
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Thank you so much for sharing all these tutorials !
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I have literally seen this so many times, thanks for the picture though
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thx so much for the amazing ref! it helped me bring this to life
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GOD! You are so helpful, and an amazing artist!

I'm going to Watch defiantly!
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Thank you! This was very helpful! I am writing a story and I plan on rawing my characters in a mix-up between a anime and comic book type style. So im looking up the baisics of how to drawn human body parts lol. Your deviant art will be very helpful <3 Beautiful art by the way! :) Your very talented. 
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Very beautiful. I don't have trouble with lips, but teeth and the stuff inside the mouth, NOPE, I just pretend they don't exist OTL
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I am literally the worst when it comes to lips. I can draw mouths, but lips? Nope.

So I thank thee for posting this. It's really helpful!
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Thank you :happybounce:  this realy helped me Tight Hug 
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Thanks for the help friend ^_^

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thanks for your references , they're very helpful!
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I love you for drawing these references. Thank you.
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I love your tutorials :33
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It was very helpful, thank you!
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que lindo ewe Really Good .... Michael Rosen Chat Icon 
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iv had some trouble with figuring out lips for a while so i can really appreciate this
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What digital program are you using? I love these !!!
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I think they use Paint tool sai, since I've seen on others that they use that.
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Oookay. I think I had that at one point, but I wasn't too great with it hahhahah. Probably different now, I've taken computer courses now. Thank you :)
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