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Monday S.Blue Pov

    I can’t believe that idiot lost, like seriously and worst of all he lost to Sam this could not get any worse but, oh yes it does. There was a crappy bet, loser have to be the winner maid for a week, why so long ugh! I am never drinking again! How am I suppose to put this stupid dress on? Its way to tight on the chest but lose at the bottom. Worse part yet I have to go in public with this on. For a week! Ugh if I could I would totally kill that drunk idiot I would!

    The maid outfit was too short, fluffy and the headband was too much.Well its time to face this situation in this maid outfit. We were walking to school when we open the doors everyone burst out laughing, well mainly the girls the guys just snickered or just stared. Sam told me to call all the girls ‘Mistress’ and the boys ‘Master’. It was time for first class Sam wasn’t in it but the rules still upose. At my new seat next to Guy #1 he was taller than me he have blue hair with piercing black eyes. We had a substitute so all we did was talk. For some reason the boys surrounded around my desk. Guy #1 talk first ,”So you’re a maid now?” Of course the only answer I could say was ,”Yes, Master” That was so embarrassing that I felt my cheeks get warm. Then Jason gave me a command,”Let me lift up your skirt” my cheeks got hot. I tried to think of a way out but I couldn’t. “Yes, master” Guy#1 rested his hand on the tip of the dress, “Master, please may we do this at a different time.” I said this while putting my hand between my legs to push the dress down from his grasp. I looked down to the floor to hide my embarrassment. Then I see it the big budge in Jason pants. My eyes widen, that pervert. Someone grab my arms and legs down. Guy#1 got up and walk to me he bend down and pulled my dress up and smiled. I tried to pull away, but they were too strong. Guy #1 began to suck his 2 finger. He pulled my underwear down slowly I squeeze my eyes shut hoping for this to be over. Thump

, What was that, I had to open my eyes. At first things were blurry, crap I was crying. When things cleared up I looked around everyone was on the ground unconscious . Then I saw Jake. He helped me up then quickly looked away. At first I was confused then I realize my panties (part of the bet) was still down on the ground I pulled them up. “Why are you wearing that ,um, outfit?” he still was looking away. Sam told me to answer that question with to serve you stuff so thats what I decide to say. “To serve you master and help you out with every need” I said with a smile.  “Really why?” he said a bit agitated. “ I lost a bet, Master” I answer with that same damn smile. He turned around hiding his face with his hair. He grab my left thigh and pulled me towards him and started the grinding motion. I couldn’t hold it back I started to moan. I was blushing, moaning, and I was turned on in school. He continued this for a few minutes before I came. He simply smiled then let go. I looked at him and said “Master…”  thats all I got. He smiled and grab my chin and kiss me. I kissed back. We were just kissing he pulled my skirt up I paid no mind to it. I then felt a hand running up and down my ass. I pulled away and look at him and said, “ Master, what are you doing?” I said trying not get way in to it. He took out his knife and cut the panties off. Before I knew it my legs were over his shoulders and his zipper was down and his hard dick was in me “Master could you please stop” I breath. Jake just stared at me then started the motion. Pleasure shoot up in my body he slowed down a bit and ask,”You’ve been a very bad maid, you need a  punishment“ He continue this a bit fasting each fuck. I came again.

    “Thank you, ~Master”          

    Tuesday My Pov

    S.Blue and Sam were walking to the next class, S.Blue was holding Sams books answering her questions and commands. “Yes, Mistress” and “No, Mistress” all around, then here comes Guy #1 again. “May I borrow your maid?” he ask. “Sure, sharing is caring” Sam said with a wicked smile and walked away. “What would you like to do today, Master?” S.Blue ask sadly, with his face slowly turning pink. Jason grab him and took him to the janitors closet.  Guy #1 started to forcefully kissed S.Blue. There was a struggle from S.Blue, but he couldn’t escape.  Guy #1 pulled S.Blue dress up and start to rub his butt slowly. Guy #1 soon stop rubbing and stop kissing and started to suck both of his 2 fingers. He removed S.Blue underwear and inserted the 2 fingers. S.Blue just moan and scream a bit hoping for someone to come in and stop this he was hoping for someone to help someone like, Jake.

    Wednesday Sam Pov


    I can’t believe that S.Blue actually did the bet! I was hoping for him bail-out to but he actually did it… I should put this on youtube! Wait, where is S.Blue? Maybe he’s still at home. I’ll go over to see him. When I got there Lucas told me that S.Blue would not be able to come to school today or the rest of the week. I did ponder about this but just left it behind me. Well until I got to school I some of the students, mainly male, surrounding Guy#1. “What’s going on?” I ask. “ S.Blue was nice and tight as we always thought” I heard him say while the rest of the boy smile like goons. “ What are you talking about ‘tight’?” I ask just to find out what’s up. “We did it in the janitor closet, yesterday” he smile as if it was an achievement. “You guys are really mean. You really did that to S.Blue?”I scream at them as I threw a chair at Guy#1 to let them know that I mean business. Then I thought ‘That’s why he didn’t come to school today.’  I turned to face the guys and Guy#1 and punch him square in the face as hard as I could. Then he fell back and I continue to punch the shit out of him. I gotten up and ran out of the school all the way to S.Blue’s house with tears in my eyes. ‘This is all my fault’. When I finally made it there, I knocked no answer. I knock again more forcefully. No answer. I raised my leg and kick the door, and ran straight to S.Blue’s room. His face was in the toilet vomiting like crazy. “S.Blue I’m so sorry, I didn’t know” I said in between sobs. He took his head out of the toilet and look at me with eyes saying ‘I hate you’ I reach over to hug him but he moved away faster than light. “Why are you here?” He ask his voice sounding really raspy. “To apologize I didn’t kno-” Before I knew it S.Blue cut me off. “Why are you crying it wasn’t you he violated, rape and broke?” He ask. I didn’t know what to say I just look at the floor and cried. I looked up ‘Maybe Jake could put that guys head on a silver platter for S.Blue.’ So I took out my phone and called Jake. He was at there before I could blink. “What happened?” Jake ask as he walk to S.Blue. S.Blue just stared at him. Jake bent down on one knee and lift his chin up to eye level as I watch. S.Blue simply look away and said “I don’t want to talk about it.”  I look at Jake and said “ I’ll go give Guy#1 a piece of my mind, Jake could watch S.Blue?” I said. They both nod and I only receive eye contact from Jake. Blue simply looked away.  I ran out ready to put someone in the hospital.

    Wednesday Jake Pov

What’s wrong with him. Sam said something about Guy#1, I’ll just ask S.Blue. “S.Blue what happened”. He just look at me likes it was my fault. He finally said something. “ Guy#1, he...he...he raped me.” He said. I stood up I thought I already taught that jackass a lesson on Monday. “...grrr” was all I could have said. Blue looked at me. “Why don’t you just leave me alone?” he yelled at me. “Calm dow-” I couldn’t finish before Blue slapped me right in the face. “Ow!” I yelled. “Leave me alone.” he said slowly. “Blue, you need to calm down o-”  he slap me again, now I’m getting a bit piss off. I grab Blue’s arm and he fell to his knees and passed out. I carried him to my hideout. I tied his hands down so he won’t slap me. When he first woke up he seems surprise then mad. “Jake why in the hell did you  kidnap me?” he ask obviously mad. “I wanted you to remember the time we first met.” I said jokingly. He simply rolled his eyes. I came close to his face. “Blue, you know I love you right?” I ask. “...Yeah” he said. “Than tell me what happened?” I ask. Blue dropped his head. “Blu-”  “HE RAPED ME, AND YOU-YOU WEREN’T THERE!” I looked at him he was crying. Thanks to me Blue sees me as a liar. “Blue, I just didn’t know. What could I do to make you feel better?” I ask. “Just leave me alone, I hate you” well that hurted but I knew he didn’t mean it. “Okay I’ll leave to self heal.” I said. I got up and left. “Come back” Blue ask softly. I look back him he was still crying. “Blue please forgive me.” Blue simply look at me. “If I say yes then will you untie me?” he ask. “Yes unless you also promise not to hurt me anymore?” I had to be on the safe side. “...okay” he said. When I finally untied him, he punch me right in the face. I looked at him and yelled “You promise not to hit me!” “You didn’t say when we’re gonna start it.” I look at him and looked away. My face felt warmer. “What?” he ask, wiping the remaining tears on his face. I couldn’t talk right. Just let the memories flow. Of how we met.  I just kidnap Blue. No one would have thought it would have been so easy. He pass out the moment I touch him. I tied him in my hideout. I looked at him, as he slowly woke up. And looked around. “Where the fuck am I shit-head?” I pulled out my weapon and started cleaning it. “Shut up already!!! You angels always talk shit. And we got the same color hair dumbass.” I decided to use my death arrow to kill him, but something stopped me. But what. I dropped my arrow and let him free. I looked him. “Shitface” was what he said. “Be grateful, dumbass.” I said back. I grab his hand and he passed out again. “Why the hell is this so easy?” I just left him on the ground and lock him in the room. I was looking for something that was more deadlier than the arrow. I look through the window. He look so cute. Wait did I actually think that. Well he really is. He’s waking up. He looked around rubbed his head. His face turn to a light pink. And tears was running down his face. Now there was no doubt thats he cute-I need to cut that out. I walk in to him, he quickly wipe his tears away. “The fuck you want, shitface?” “I came in to put my stuff back…Why were you crying?” I asked. “I wasn’t crying.” I rolled my eyes and left to what I was doing. But something...or someone stopped me. “Can I go?”  He said. I turned around and smiled. “Sure.” He stood up and walk to the door. It was lock of course. He frowned and turned around and slap me right in the face.I walked out the door closing the door behind me and leaving Blue inside. I heard crying. I looked out  the window he had pink face and crying .

     I rolled my eyes. I walk back in and he slap me harder than before. I grabbed his arm and he passed out over my shoulder. I grab his arm trying to make him pass out permanently. I picked him up. He was surprisingly light, which was confusing. I tied him to the floor. I can’t let him distract me no more. He looks so cute and innocent wh- ugh stop thinking about him…..I turned back to him. He was still sleeping. I didn’t know what to do so I put a blanket on him and locked the doors. He’s really lucky I didn’t kill him. The next day I came in the room and he was still asleep. I decided to let him free. I cut the ropes off and left the door open.  I heard a click I turned around. I felt a pair of soft lips on mine. I looked at the owner. It was Blue! I wanted to push away, but it felt so right. So I kissed him back. He looked at me. Then teleported away. “...” Since he’s gone I could get back to work. But why did he kiss me? I looked around. I got up and went looking to ask. I decide to go to a bar. I teleported to all the bars in the area. No sign. I gave up until I saw him crying at the park. I wondered why he was crying. “What’s wrong?” I said sitting next to him. “Leave me the fuck alone!” I frowned. “Fine I’ll just let you be here, alone, where someone else can fucking kill you. I don’t give a fuck no more.” I got up and started walking away. I heard the crying continued. He was still crying. Why won’t he tell me what's wrong? Someone grabbed my arm tightly. It was Blue. “Don’t go.” He said. I looked at him. “Are you serious?” “Yes” He pulled me down next to him. “Why did you kiss me?” I asked. He wiped his tears then said ,”I really don’t know, to be honest I was really weak and couldn’t teleport correctly at the moment.” He kissed me because he was weak?! I thought it was something else but no. I look at him and look down. I wanted to kiss him again. But he might hit me again. I lean forward and kiss him. He looked at me looking confused then he kissed back.

    And that’s how it all started. I look over to Blue, he blush and walked to me. He sat on my lap and kiss my cheek. I blushed. Sam came in with blood on her face. “I solved your freaking problem, you're welcome.” She stormed off not noticing anything that was happening. I looked at Blue. I remembered that he still has a couple more days  with the deal with the maid outfit. “Hey Blue you wanna finish that bet with Sam, but not at school only with me.” He look at me and slapped me. “Your such a pervert.” I look at him and said ”I know babe, I know.” He got up and teleported away. “Wait is that a yes or a no?” I ask.

Thursday My p.o.v

Blue walk in and Jake was sleeping with a boner. Blue smacked Jake. Jake fell out of bed and gave Blue the ‘what the hell’ look. “You had a boner” Blue said. Jake look at him and hid his eyes behind his hair. “Uhh…”Jake trailed off. Jake was aggravated. For one, he didn’t want to come to school, and two it’s hard for him to love someone like Blue. Jake started crying. Blue look at Jake.”I didn’t smack you that hard.” Blue kiss Jake on his forehead. “I know.” Jake said looking down.    Blue sat on Jake lap. Jake push Blue off of his lap. “The hell, Jake?” Blue scream at Jake. “Please just don’t sit on my lap, for now.” Jake said. Blue glared at me. “Blue I’m not-” Jake interrupted by Blue smacking him. Blue storm out of the room. “Ow...What was that for.” Jake ask. “Blue?”Jake yelled. “Blue where are you?” Jake ask.    Jake heard a lot of noise. And it sounded like people fighting. Jake went to check it out. It was Blue and some guy. “Blue I sorry abo-” Jake couldn’t finish his sentence Blue fell to the ground The guy looked at Jake. “You failed the fucking mission. Fuck up the next one and we will kill you.” The guy left. Jake ran to Blue and laid on his chest to feel his heart beat. Jake realized he could still save him. Jake lifted Blue up on the table. He got a needle and took the poison out.  Blue push Jake away. “Blue we need-” “I’m not human Jake.” Blue clarified. “The the poison is doing something strange things to my bo-”Blue passed out. Jake started crying. He began throwing things at the walls.


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