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It's that time of the year again: the TeamWork project is back!
For all those who don't know the project yet, here are some answers to all the questionmarks over your head.

Brace yourselves, this journal will be a long one.

What is the project about?

The aim of this project, hosted by Artistle, is to team up two ( or more) artists to achieve a close and individual learning-experience.
One of the group will be the teacher, whereas the other(s) will be the student(s). (But our teachers will learn through this project just as much, I'm sure Giggle )
Teachers will present assignments to their students and provide them with tools, techniques and lessons to achieve the goal they both decided on. In the end we'll present all the finished assignments in a big chat event and on our group page!

There are also prizes to be won, but more on that later in this journal. ;)

We will provide all teams with tips, rules and guidelines on teaching, as soon as all teams signed up for the project. :) (Smile)

When's this happening?

The project consists of three major parts:

Bullet; Blue The sign-up phase: Mon 08 June - Tue 23 June || Sign-ups are now closed
:bulletblue: The goal-finding phase: Tue 23 June - Tue 30 June
Bullet; Blue The TeamWork phase (1 month): Wed 01 July - Fri 31 July

Regular chats with all teams will be held to see how the project is going for you, every Saturday during the TeamWork phase (reminders will be sent via note every week).

I want to be a teacher!

If you'd like to be a teacher, don't be shy!
There is always something you can share with somebody, and most likely there is someone who wants to know about that topic!

Every artform is very welcome!
Writers, photographers, painters, musicians, any kind really!

 To sign up as a teacher, send a note to Artistle with answers to the following questions:
  • What would you like to teach?

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

  • How would you like to communicate with your student(s) (mainly what platform of communication, like Skype, the dA chat network, via Notes, etc.) ?

  • How much time would you be willing to devote to your student(s) and the TeamWork project weekly?

  • Will you be able to attend the weekly check-in's on Saturday's (for around half an hour)?
  • Do you already know how you would like to teach your student(s) (via tutorials, videos, livestreaming, critiques, etc.)? We don't expect you to already have a concrete plan, but it might give your potential students a good idea of your teaching methods and what to expect. :)

  • How many students would you like to teach?

We will evaluate your application and reply to your note as soon as possible.


:la: Here are our participants for TeamWork 2015

Anime & Manga Art
Nobody & Nobody

Literature - Plotting, Prewriting, World Building
Nobody & Nobody & Nobody 

Digital Art/ Manga Art/ Realistic Drawing
Nobody & Nobody & Nobody 

Digital Art/ Character Design
Nobody & Nobody & Nobody & Nobody

Horror Art
Tudalia-Hex & Nobody & vocaloidgirl365 & wapowska123 & Nobody & Nobody 

Traditional/digital Anime Art
Nobody & Nobody & Nobody & Nobody & Nobody

Digital semi-realistic Anime style Art
Nobody & Nobody & Nobody 

Digital Painting Animals (Contrast & Anatomy)
Nobody & Nobody 

Photography Rules & Techniques
Nobody & Nobody 

Fractal Art
Nobody & Nobody 

Not competing

This team is not competing for the prizes because it consists of Artistle team members.

Creative techniques and Design
mondscheinsonate & AlexanderPaupoff 

I'd love to be a student!

You always wanted to know how to take a certain photo, how to paint a portrait or how to write a poem?
You're in the right place for that! Hopefully we can find you a mentor to teach you!

 Note that we only accept students that reply to one of the open teacher slots. We won't be able to match you with a teacher if you don't mention the name of the teacher you would like to learn from.

 To sign up as a student, send a note to Artistle with answers to the following questions:
  • Name of the teacher, you would like to learn (from the open teacher slots).

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

  • How much time would you be willing to devote to the TeamWork project weekly?

  • Will you be able to attend the weekly check-in's on Saturdays (for around half an hour)?
  • Do you have any preferences for the way of communicating with your teacher and/or the way you would like to learn during TeamWork (from tutorials, livestreams, critiques,...)?

Judging & prizes

We will be judging all teams on qualities we think are important for each team to put into this project to make it an awesome experience.

Those criteria are:

  • Are you regulars at the weekly check-ins?

  • Has your team devised a clear goal for the TeamWork phase?

  • Have you achieved said goal as a team?

  • There will be an evaluation of teachers & students through evaluation sheets we formulate. Those will be filled in by both teachers and students to give us a better idea of the teamwork of your team. :)


1st place

1000 points by Nobody
300 points by Nobody 
 200 points by Nobody
 200 points by Nobody 
100 points by Nobody
 100 points by Artistle
30 points by Nobody
Journal feature by Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody
Llama badge by Nobody, Nobody, Nobody

2nd Place

500 points by Nobody
200 points by Nobody 
150 points by Nobody
150 points by Nobody 
75 points by Nobody
 75 points by Artistle
15 points by Nobody
Journal feature by Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody
Llama badge by Nobody, Nobody, Nobody

3rd Place

 250 points by Nobody
100 points by Nobody
100 points by Nobody
100 points by Nobody 
50 points by Nobody
 50 points by Artistle
Journal feature by Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody
Llama badge by Nobody, Nobody, Nobody 

All participants
10 points by Tudalia-Hex
10 points by Nobody 
Journal feature by Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Tahog, mondscheinsonate, AlexanderPaupoff
 Llama from Nobody, Nobody, NobodyAlexanderPaupoff, mondscheinsonate, Tudalia-Hex, Nobody 

Feel free to donate prizes or promote the project in any way you'd like. :la:


Bullet; Blue May my team-partner and I teach each other (in different fields as well) so we're both student and teacher in the same team?

    :bulletwhite: Yes, definitely. Please let us know though! ;) (Wink)

Bullet; Blue Could I teach one person but be a student of another?

    :bulletwhite: Only if you find the time to fulfill both roles for the period of time.

Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. - M. Josephson.

Any questions concerning the project, the sign-up process or Artistle? Feel free to ask them in the comments, we will reply as soon as possible. :)

AlexanderPaupoff and mondscheinsonate :tea:

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Medoriko's avatar
Aww :( Guess what I wanted to teach isn't cool enough. Couldn't get a student. :( Maybe next time. 
Andorada's avatar
This is not true! I would have really liked to join you! And maybe I am not the only one!
I just need to finish some projects first! If I would not have been already very busy, I would have been so happy to apply for this project :hug: - and hopefully be also accepted! :flirty: I have this on my to do list in the future! :heart:
AlexanderPaupoff's avatar
:hug: That's definitely not the case.
Thanks so much for offering to teach :)
Itsjustwordsreally's avatar
Whoa that's a lot of prizes ^^ 
mondscheinsonate's avatar
It is! :la: This is the 4th time we are doing this project, and it's always been a lot of fun.
Animeblu's avatar
Hmmm one day left and no space for traditional art .....
mondscheinsonate's avatar
Yeah, unfortunately we didn't get many Traditonal Art teachers this time. If you know anyone who could teach you in Traditional Art, though, feel free to contact them and tell them about the project. Maybe they can sign up with you :) We are willing to stretch the sign-up phase for special cases like this.
Animeblu's avatar
Okie dokie thanks ^^
Colors-Of-Summer's avatar
If you're looking for an anime-traditional art teacher, you can join in with my group. I'm fine with adding in a 5th student if mondscheinsonate is okay with it~ :la:
mondscheinsonate's avatar
I'm totally fine with it, if Animeblu  would like to join your team :)
Animeblu's avatar
Omg!!!! Is it too late now?? Darn it !!! I totally missed this notification :(
mondscheinsonate's avatar
If Colors-Of-Summer still feels up to it, you may still join their team.
Colors-Of-Summer's avatar
Animeblu mondscheinsonate I'm am totally fine with this~! I can send a couple of notes to Animeblu to get you caught up~!
and holly cow so much tagging xD
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Stygma's avatar
I'd like to give some prizes (you can thank Eitvys200 for poking me :XD:

300 points for the 1st place
200 points for the 2nd place
100 points for the 3rd place

+feature and llama if possible
mondscheinsonate's avatar
Thank you so much for your donation :hug:

Also, the feature and llamas are for all 3 winners or for all participants? c:
Stygma's avatar
lu--24's avatar
Could you notify me when/if new teachers will be available? I'd love to join the project but nothing seems to fit for me just yet...
mondscheinsonate's avatar
Will definitely do! :hug:
Such-A-Lazy-Artist's avatar
what happens if you get no students by the time the signing period ends?
mondscheinsonate's avatar
We try very hard to match every teacher with a student. Nonetheless it has happened in the past, that some teachers unfortunately did not get a student. We have tried to come up with a solution to the problem for this year. We will get in contact with the specific teachers and ask them whether the solutions we prepared would be an option. Those options could include the opportunity to teach a live chat lesson for Artistle sometime during the TeamWork phase, which would be available for everyone to join and learn something. Another option could be for the teacher to make a custom tutorial or livestream lesson that would then be featured in the group. :)
Such-A-Lazy-Artist's avatar
thank you so much ^^ ... i just figure other people would have the same queery so i asked.
PuNK-A-CaT's avatar
Are there going to be any more teachers join?
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