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By mondojohn
"Iiit's Aliiiive!"

A 36" x 36" painting of Frankenstein's monster.
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© 2005 - 2021 mondojohn
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*Tinkerer fires a beam from a tachyon gun, hitting Frankenstein's Monster with tachyon energy*

*Vulture pummels Frankenstein's Monster*

*Shocker creates a shockwave that knocks out Frankenstein's Monster
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Victor Frankenstein did make the the monster, which kind of makes it his son. And most sons do take on their father's last name, so actually calling the monster Frankenstein isn't really inaccurate.
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Dude, Frankenstein's "monster." MONSTER!
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This is real "Pop Art".
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Why do you name it "Frankenstein" when it's a picture of Frankenstein's Monster?
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Yaaaah I love it!!!!
Awesome job mate!!~♪
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WOW! that's pretty amazing dude. I did a Frankenstein's monster too but I think I like yours better.
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That's great. I like the blend of pop art and Karloff. Composition, colour and execution are great and oddly the modern cartoon skulls are perfect. Well done. one of the better pieces I've seen on DA in ages!!!
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Thanks. Glad you like it. John.
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Can I use your picture for a piece I plan on posting on DA?
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Sure, so long as you credit me and send me a link to the piece.
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Cool Thanks! Will do.
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I like it :aww:

On my college there's an exibition of Frankenstein with the laboratory :P
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My love extends towards this beutiful creation of yours ^_^
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very good job man...:clap:
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Oh yeah! That it realy nice work!
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Brill painting of frank it really looks like him, i luv the skulls!!!!
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Sell me this, :)
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Aww, he looks so peaceful when he's sleeping......
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