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Train Ride

By MondoArt
Continuation of Liyu and Sano’s travel from the other day. 
I recently enjoyed train rides... relaxing and you get a good view. Plus i personally think safer than plane? 

Anyways background isnt my forte but im getting the hang of it slowly. 
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I love your art!!!!!

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You have a fun art style.

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Wonderful work! Congrats on your much deserved, DD! :clap: !!!

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I like how you've captured so much personality here, and the vibrant color palette really makes everything look like it could spring to life at any second. Congrats on the DD!

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This is fun. Like that youngster peering around the seat. Really like the perspective too. Train rides are quite enjoyable. I went to Japan in 2008 and our group rode the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo. Very comfortable ride. Congrats on the DD!

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As a whole, this drawing is extremely good, with an excellent finish. Your art (at least what I've seen of it), is DEFINTELY anime or manga-worthy, no doubt about that.

For the small details : I really liked the little guy eyeing the red fish, and the background isn't anything to worry about, because in a fast moving train, the background always blurs in a still.

Last of all : Congrats on the DD ! You really deserve it.

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nice fresh vibe, and cool coloring/perspective :D

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Haha, my friend youve never rode the train in the projects.. very unsafe.

The drawing is amazing and you are very talented.

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W o W :love:

If using chopsticks in the real life is hard, drawing a hand using chopsticks is only for gods of art!! :clap:

This drawing looks like a legit anime scene. I love it. :meow: :heart:

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-very loud steam train noises-

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Rengoku !!?,get out of there :(

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Vivid colours. Striking situation.

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sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~!^^
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Does they have fishies as pet? that's unusual :D

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Cool characters aside, you really ace the layout of the train and the perspective!
Aww the kid wants to pet the fishy~Heart 

Maybe I'm thinking too much, but should we act curious about the furball with the red streak on the bottom left...?
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Cheers! Thanks for the background comment :) i think i still have a lot to learn but thanks again, it made me want to draw more like this

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I'm laughing at the kid staring at the fish!
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the background blur is perfect for the context, and i love the kid looking around the seat at liyu's fish :)
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