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Rainy Liyu

'Cuz baby when you're gone all it does is rain...~
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xSkyHigh12's avatar
The lighting in this is especially cinematic, creating a jaw dropping scene.

And it also lights up his abs pretty nicely hehe..
Kensoudojo's avatar
wow the rain effect and the lifth is stunning on him! great job!
TheCuriosityCat's avatar
Awww... He's sad....
Rangakusha's avatar
Now this is a masterpiece of light and shadow! <3
HerosLegend's avatar
Awesome work here. Love the use of light here.
RyuunosukeAkiyama's avatar
Aww, you've drawn a sad boy this time, hehheh.
TheBelleLair's avatar

I like the lighting.
Lord-Naraku's avatar
mmmm dat v-line.

You have a beautiful way of portraying emotion and feeling in your works with color, positioning, and lighting effects. Job well done!
Scorpshee's avatar
Very well done!
Simple-illust's avatar
Nice lighting XD
fighterboyy's avatar
Your art has always been stellar, and it just keeps getting better. Just amazing!
ItsMinosArt's avatar
Ferniejvp's avatar

I love this!!!

KJ2cute's avatar

i can't stop drooling

jrhyder's avatar

Your art just keeps getting better :)

Ryan4667's avatar
Great job. Love the detail.
Orin331's avatar
That's a boy in need of a hug.
Ryan4667's avatar
Bear needs to come and give him a happy bear hug.
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