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Muscle Growth Rao

By MondoArt
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First off, I swear this isn't my thing!
So please don't commission me or request me to do this kind of thing. It's just for fun
also seeing Rao got more muscles is interesting too. but I prefer he sticks with his lean and agile body  :)

ANYWAYS, if you guys would be so kind please support me on patreon!
where I'll be posting lots of things you wouldn't see in my regular posts hehe.
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bel gif :D

ma pochi muscoli di piu'=P

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On the one hand I'm not a great artist, so it feels weird critiquing someone like Mondo. On the other hand. Mondo just posted one of his wonderful characters undergoing a bit of personal growth. And I am diggin' it.

Obviously you're going to check out the muscles first, but I'm going to talk about what I feel is the most important part, since we all know Mondo has a masterful command of male anatomy:

It's Rao's facial expressions! Body language is so important to making a transformation scene like this convincing, as opposed to a character standing stiff and bland and seemingly uninterested in the change they're experiencing. Look at all the emotions he experiences in just four short panels of animation.

Everything's fine at first, but then there's an initial moment of confusion as the changes start to happen. He cringes in the third frame, maybe the sudden bulking-up hurts, or just feels really weird, but he's most likely uncomfortable, and he's DEFINITELY no longer confused. He's realized something strange is going on with him.
And then once he's reached his new size and weight class, Rao's both in a state of disbelief and BLUSHING, notice that. (the blushing may have something to do with the fact that there seems to be something other than his muscles growing, down below...)

I have only one real aspect of this to negatively criticize, and that's his left hand in the final frame. It just looks a tiny bit distorted, or broken.
But that is SO minor and it's not the focus of the piece anyway. And look: Mondo could have just kept his hands on his hips the entire time (half-hidden), and hands are such a pain in the ass to draw, but he brought them out to show that Rao is having a reflex reaction to these major physical changes. That's extra effort in the little details.

This piece could easily be titled "What's Happening to Me?" because that is everything Rao is communicating in his expressions and body language. Raeyr is gonna be proud of his little bro when he sees this... or jealous. Or both.
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That is awesome mate! it's so good to see this lad bulk up ;D
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Why is he so upset about growing this big? I would be happy.
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Probablly cos he doesn't know why it's happening

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So, more bigger, please!..
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I like it thinner, poor Rao he does not like that :'[
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how about b i g g e r
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haha this made deviantart give me lots of rather intense recommendations
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Now that we know that Rao is still a thief in your new story, this pic tells me that lil Rao should not pic random shiny stones without knowing the effects or something like that
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Whether it is your thing or not, you've created something really special here. And, I would personally love to see this taken even further.
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Oh my lord, so hot!!~ Ai Fuyuumi (Blush) [V1] Excited Markiplier Chat Icon 
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That's both hot and cool.
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aaaaahhhhhhh.... nope! lol, I love Rao being the lean agile boy!

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It would be very interesting that this was one of rao's abilities, some kind of strenght boost for a limited ammount of time, so it wouldn't be permanent. Also, it would give some funny situations while he is learning to controll it, mostly wardrobe malfunctions ;D
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Someone gain a new ability and seem clueless yeh. xD
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"I swear this isn't my thing! "

They'll try to convert you xD
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You should try doing more with Raeyr and Rao in the future! They get hotter everytime :o
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consider making one with Raeyr maybe? :yum:
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