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The hot daddy Leius took a liking to their shield shaped leaves! 
Tbh I do not own these plants so I cannot study them firsthand and therefore I don’t think I illustrate them as well as previous pic’s (sansevieria, which I collect) but its pretty okay I guess!
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Oh, I’d love to grow me a leivus in my garden

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They all look very fine to me, I can tell. ^^ Although, the plant he's holding is a little on the thin side, but it's nonetheless very well drawn, Mondo.

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Leius and Keo... Can't decide which is my favourite. Love blacksmithing (and big, well built blacksmiths), but blondes just slay me haha!

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His arts are able to clear my mind and give me ideas for my stories. I loved this "Alocasia" HAHAHAHAHAH.

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Amazing! I love the lighting and shading!

Alocasia Polly 😁 as a young plant gay these are kinda the best!

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Alocasia is accurate. :)

I'm going to pretend that Leius and Raeyr are planting in the Garden of Eden and they've just been informed that wearing pants is optional. :nod:

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Hello sexy man :3
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And once again, I have died and gone to heaven. I am pretty sure this is what it is like, right?

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now im interested in what plants Keo is interested as second hunk daddy from your OCs ^^

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