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Expression challenge
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Published: February 13, 2019
tried to draw as many expressions as i could think of.
ended up with 64. would have loved to reach 100 but i just couldnt think of ay more <__<

actually did something like that 7years ago. i have nearly double as much as i had back then now XD
36 chibi-pokemon facial expressions

free to use as references if you want :/
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Drawing-4EverHobbyist Digital Artist
I liked it.
Can I try too?
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puffball1355Hobbyist General Artist
Love these owo (I put it in my bases folder cause I dont really have a "references" folder and Im lazy XD)
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paugamdelafrayeProfessional Traditional Artist
Just awesome.
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GrimmjawlsHobbyist Digital Artist
imma just use this for a quick use to draw some faces ewe thanks~
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JazbfoxStudent Digital Artist
When the Meme is Just Right  
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Rae-LaArtsStudent Digital Artist
I'm a blood fan when it comes to drawing, so I like the bloody ones XD
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WhitesnowpawHobbyist Digital Artist
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rbennett8799Hobbyist Digital Artist
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xSeamairHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay but... can I just say that I love how A3 and B3 look like interacting Expressions?? XDD B3 looks so shocked by A3 I love it!
But those are all so good gosh, always loved how you draw Expressions <3 Totally gona safe this up for later to use, it's so hard to find some good Expression memes OTL thank you for making those! >w<
Mondlichtkatze's avatar
MondlichtkatzeHobbyist Digital Artist
haha yea they accidentally turned out like that actually :`D
thank you <3
im glad if they can be of any help :D
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Crazy-LeenHobbyist Digital Artist
Man I love these face-memes 8D
now if only I'd finally finish drawing one...
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I will but... I'm weird and need Names for the Expression, So I can be sure I don't forget one. So how would you call al these Expressions? 
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MondlichtkatzeHobbyist Digital Artist
so you want a name for each of these 64 expressions?? XDD
i just call them by their placement. 1A, 4G ect XDD
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I said I was weird but when I do something I have the feeling to justify myself and I would be worried if I made this Challenge and someone asked me what for Example 8E or 6H is supposed to be and I couldn't answer.
... would be really awkward to me... xD
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MondlichtkatzeHobbyist Digital Artist
uhm well, just give them the names you think they represent foir you. for me 6H is just sorrow.
8E can be multiple like, "i just killed someone!" winning in a fight. seeing something really strongly bleeding hanging from the ceiling (?)
it always depends on what context you draw them :)
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eeveeseeker9Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will use these for practice, thanks!
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