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Info: Ryoko Kazuhiko

Just submitting a character info of her for art trades, etc. I haphazardly colored only the hair (Ah, I dunno why but digital coloring makes me so impatient). Anyway, I finally made a character info of her! It's actually my first time doing these kind of stuff so don't be harsh please. I apologize to those who didn't have reference to draw her before. D:

Ryoko Kazuhiko is the 7th Seated of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13 under Lieutenant Abarai Renji and Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.
Music: Passenger - Feather On The Clyde

Ryoko has turquoise eyes and wears the standard Shinigami robes. Her hair is auburn and reminiscent of an a-line bob, with its sides at the front longer than the back. During her education at the Shinigami Academy her haircut is a Chinese bob and is bleached bright pink.

Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, Ryoko's hair is of the same style, with only the sides of the front grown longer and has been braided and tied with with turquoise and blue feathers. A brown belt replaces the white sash.

Ryoko is the only biological daughter of the Kazuhiko family. Her parents are teachers of Shin'ō Academy and had high hopes for Ryoko. They taught her the basic fighting styles of the Shinigami at an early age but was always disappointed by her lack of prowess and skill. A few years before entering the Academy her parents adpoted Kotoko, who is at her last year of the Academy, and becomes Ryoko's older sister. The two girls become close until Ryoko fails her first exam, to which their parents become increasingly frustrated with her and has then compared her to Kotoko (who has become a Lieutenant of the 2nd Division) frequently than ever. Ryoko has passed the exam the year after but the pressure has become too much for her to handle and becomes jealous of Kotoko. This puts a strain on her relationship with her older sister.

The night during Kotoko's mission, Ryoko meets her zanpaktou spirit who challenges her to a duel. Ryoko loses and unconsciously compares herself to her older sister, who she surprisingly sees in her consciousness. Kotoko gives Ryoko her zanpaktou despite Ryoko's rejection. The day after she wakes up from her dream she finds out that Kotoko dies during her mission. Ryoko's parents become distraught by the news and after Ryoko graduates from the academy they adopt Satoko ("wise child") who is younger than Ryoko.

Ryoko moves out of her family abode and joins Gotei 13, serving under Captain Byakuya in the 6th Division. She slowly rose to being the 7th seat, and has become friends with Rikichi and Mihane Shirogani. She initally lies about her zanpaktou, saying that she knows her zanpaktou's name and that the ability it has is of hers. She finally confronts her zanpaktou (Zanpaktou Tales Arc) and recieves her zanpaktou's name and ability.

Personality: (it's very hard to put into words her personality but I've tried my best to make a gist out of it)
- A logical person and thinks things thoroughly before acting upon it. She often overthinks at her strategies and decisions at times and ultimately misses the opportunity.
- Vain and slightly egoistic, she always cares about how she presents herself to others and what these people think of her (due to her family upbringing).
- Enjoys watching game shows and TV dramas.
- Fascinated with human technology.
- Likes skating, rollerblading and surfing
- Likes to do paperwork. Her pet peeve is unfinished or wrongly done reports.
- A very big fan of coffee (black, no sugar) and spicy food.
- A factoid junkie: at times blurts out random facts about anything if she ever gets nervous or if she is trying to be friendly.

Powers & Abilities:
Expert Swordsman: Ryoko is proficient enough to cross swords with any seated Shinigami but lacks the prowess to be able to defeat larger opponents. She makes up for it with her precise accuracy to impale an enemy and her zanpaktou's ability to extend in its Shikai mode.

Shunpo Expert: What Ryoko lacks in strength, she makes up for it with speed. She is fast enough to be able to keep up with a Lieutenant-level fighter.

Kido Practitioner: Ryoko is able to use low-level Bakudō spell without incantation and is able to combine the use of kido with her zanpaktou.

Hakuda Expert: Ryoko has been trained in hand-to-hand combat in an early age. Though she has been repeatedly lost to Kotoko (who is of Lieutenant-level) she can still be considered an able fighter due to her agility and able to attack precisely with speed.

Hiougi (ヒオウギ "Blackberry/Leopard Lily"): in its sealed state Hiougi takes the form of a regular katana. It has a turquoise handle, with two roped bells at its end, and has a circular tsuba.

- Kotoko Kazuhiko's Shikai: initially, Ryoko is only able to turn her zanpaktou into her older sister's shikai. Its form is of blue skates and can increase the user's speed to that of a Captain-level. It can also be used to create portals to transport the user to anywhere she wishes as long as it is of the same space.

- Shikai: There are two ways for Ryoko to use Hiougi
First - Hiougi's shikai command is "Echo" and the sword separates into two, thin blades with individual bells at the ends. Its thin thread that connects the bells to the handle extends whenever Ryoko wishes and can be used for long range attacks. Ryoko also uses this to use kido attacks to her enemies.

Shikai Special Ability: Ryoko can use the blade to detonate by itself simply by extending and snapping the thread connecting the bell and the handle after stabbing the enemy. At the tip of the handle a blackberry lily blooms, the blade uses and drains the enemy's reiatsu and detonates by itself. At the same time the petals twist into spirals, falling as black pods develop. Black seeds are the only thing that would remain after the explosion. Unfortunately, this leaves Ryoko with only one blade.

Second - The command is "Echo" and the name of the zanpaktou's Shikai Ryoko wishes to copy. Hiougi can copy a zanpaktou if the blade has stabbed the person or if Ryoko has been in close proximity with the zanpaktou user for an amount of time (ie. Kotoko and Renji). Hiougi transforms into the shape of the zanpaktou it copies, though its power would be different from the original. For example, Hiougi can copy Byakuya's Shikai (Senbonsakura) but since Ryoko's reiatsu is not of Captain level its attacks would be significantly weaker. Also, this ability drains Ryoko's reiatsu reserves quicker and is able to only copy a zanpaktou ability a number of times. But again it would also depend on the zanpaktou she copies.

- Bankai: Not yet achieved (in this timeline, though I already have an idea of her bankai just in case Kubo decides to have a timeskip again XD)

- Ryoko's original hair color is dark brown. Before the academy Ryoko copies her older sister's hairstyle, which is usually long and tied in a ponytail. By the time she passed the entrance exam, she cuts her hair short and dyes it bright pink to differentiate herself from her sister. She dyes it auburn when she joins Gotei 13.

- Despite her intense jealousy towards her sister, Ryoko has Kotoko's earring of a bell attached to her handle along with Ryoko's own bell.

- Ryoko has a tattoo that she got during her Academy days. It is a thin pattern of a leopard's fur that curves from her right shoulder to her lower left back.

- Ryoko's name: as Ryo ko it would mean helpful/understanding/good/skillfull child (which would say something about the intentions about her parents before she was born) but as Ryou ko: it means demon/spirit caller. As a whole it means travel.

(will be including her sister's names as well)
Kotoko - harp child (Heaven is sometimes symbolically depicted with saints and/or angels playing harps in it)
Satoko - wise child (with the Kazuhiko family hoping that she would be wiser than her older sisters)

Okay, seriously. If you read all of this, I applaud you. XD
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