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Forces of the Apocalypse

This is my try at creating a doom image of the world after wwIII.
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It looks like some giant see monster back scales :) (Smile)
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These kinds of "after" images always disturb me Fear To me it would be more unsettling if there was more destruction to the structure--it would make me remember how it used to look. But, I do like the contrast of the relatively unscathed building with the surrounding wasteland. Very nice work!
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I like this one. Very nice colors and a very good idea. Howver I don't like the clouds.
prey's avatar
wow... this is amazing... pictures can tell a thousand words.. this is a +fav
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YOu have created a mood of doom very well in this piece. The textures and colors compliment each other and contribute nicely to the overal compostion of the work.. Super job..!
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A wonderful depiction of Aftermath, very sad and moving and beautifully done. I love the colors in this, reminds me of Dune as well. Excellent work!! :D (Big Grin)
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This makes me think of the Ozzy Osbourne song "Revelation Mother Earth":

"I had a vision
I saw the world burn
And the seas had turned red.

The sky had fallen,
The final curtain,
In a land of the dead."

Excellent work. Thumbs Up
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Very cool image man. Love the colors
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Its beautiful, and ominous all at the same time! Fantastic job!
Dominic-vd-Ruit's avatar
w00t! I've seen this one at GF ('k ben 'Mac Doompje daro ;) (Wink) ).
I loved it when I saw it first and I still love it when I see it now. Outstanding colors!

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great manip. Impressive :D (Big Grin)
marble911's avatar
I never imagined apocalypse as golden and beautiful as this...
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karyon's avatar
This could be a photograph taken on Rakis after the thorough destruction..
(the reader uses discernment)
Beautiful creation!
katharien's avatar
excellent, and very doomish indeed. love the way you have the building buried beneathe the sand and the little bits of wind blowing across the tops. great work...
amobishoproden's avatar
I'd say it's the most convincing work I've seen from you. My favorite part would be the blurred areas off the top angles; makes it look windy, as the effect I'm sure you were going for.
getcarter's avatar
very nice manip, the colors are great!
hypn0sis's avatar
whee...pretty nice manip :O (Eek) colours are great and the softness gives it a peaceful and warm feeling but yet still it's so cold...beautiful...

awsome work +fav
abaddon36's avatar
poor sydney opera house :( (Sad)


nice colour and texture. but poor sydney :( (Sad)
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hey this is pretty fuckin good
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love the colours. the atmosphere... doomsday perfectly depicted. and after longer examination I remind myself of Odyssey. some new monkeys could emerge/be brought from out of somewhere... no? oh. trickling optimism. or is it an optimism really? or utopia? ramble. ramble. ramble.
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this is so disturbing and heart plunged when i read the words that acompanied it......I LOVE IT instant +favlove
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