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Shadow Shaman

Fan art for Dota 2
"Tastes like chicken!"

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Hi there, is it possible I can use this artwork as a fanmade card in Steam Workshop? I will make sure to credit you fully for the artwork, and its a noncommercial and noncanonical entry.

(I am aware that Valve made this character, and I have cleared it with them to make Dota2 fan cards, as long as it's noncommercial)

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Hi, sure, you can use it. If you are going to place somewhere a link to my account, use my instagram please @maxnikoart

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Finally! A proper pic of my favorite Dota 2 Hero. 

Did an excellent job man.

Well done! 
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Definitely one of the more interesting looking Intelligence heroes, especially with all the trinkets he carries.

And few things are more simply hiliarious than being chicken'd.
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Wow, the colors on this are great!! <3
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I'm seriously mesmerized by it :) This might be the best DOTA2 fanart I've seen; and I've seen a lot! The composition integrates so well with the color choices. I love how you were able to sneak in some blues and purples bottom left, while actually adding nuance to the base pale greens and murky reds. I was talking to someone about this piece yesterday and argued that coming up with a finished work like this requires so much skill and feeling for color, it's like rocket science but less easy to explain how to do. Do you have any works in progress of this, or tips on choosing a color palette like this?

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Wow, thanks a lot for this great feedback. I am really glad u liked my work.
Well, I was experimenting a lot here. I changed color palette and composition a lot of times, until i found the right ones.  I wish I could help, but I cant give you the exact recipe. I just feel what color combinations are fun and interesting, not much science in here :)
I can send you some work in progress if u want.
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Hehe skillful and intuitive things are always difficult to explain I guess :) I'd love to see some of the works in progress on this! I'll note you my email address ^^
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Довольно эпичен он.
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this is very cool :)
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Hello there, this picture I have seen on a website called Do you have an account there from which you post your art? *has been spying almost more than 50 arts from different websites on that website, BUT some of them have links to their respected owners, just wondering you know*
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That looks awesome. Not a hero I see much art of that I enjoy but this is great!
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Glad you like it!
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Beautiful draw a scepter next XD
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очень здорово! отличая работа :heart: 

но брошу камень в огород - раз уж это фан арт для доты2, то нужно в соответствующую галерею добавлять - Fan Art и далее сами понимаете. 
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Чет я не нашел там такого раздела, ну ок.
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ну она такая большая галерея…
fan art - digital-drawings - games

это я так, чисто вам помочь хочу, надеюсь, что не задела
многие выбирают неправильную галерею, это печалит 
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Спасибо, поправил.
Я внутри digital art искал. Вообще, довольно странное деление, все намешано, фиг найдешь нужное. 
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ну, чтобы во все галереи, не только в digital, не пихать фан арт, сделали это отдельной галереей. так-то люди еще сильнее бы путались, куда это все выкладывать
а digital или traditional, ну или например, еще комиксы - туда original заливают. в фан арте своя атмосфера :lol: 

да и толком не порекомендовать работу на ДДшечку - модераторы галереи очень ругаются, видно же, что подходит к одной галерее, а залито в другую. обидно) 
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просто вау
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Absolutely beautiful * v * He looks so badass, amazing colours and composition!
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