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Outpost 2

Recreation of the main menu of outpost 2. Good game wish they would come out with a new one.
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Oh, right, but how did you make the Conestoga, by the way? it's really, really accurate...
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A solid improvement over the last one again, although not as much (only to be expected as you get better).

The moon or faraway planet is done well with no atmosphere, though consider the size in space, is this a large planet further away or is a moon for the planet in the forground. If it is a moon, it would be considerably smaller than it is in this image.

On the closer planet, the shadows are good and matching up with the out-of-picture light source. I think the atmosphere should eb brighter and less dull, try setting the blending mode to Screen or Linear Dodge to brighten it up a bit.

The space station is a very cool addition to this deviation. A solid effort there.

:) Keep at it :dummy:
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Oh that's lovely o.o

I loved Outpost 2 to bits and all..

Though, well, looking at the original screen, the commenter above does seem to be right - I guess the moon would really be at most 2/3's the size it appears here, given its size relative to New Terra on the title screen.

And to reply to Sostopher.. that's not a space station XD That's the Conestoga, a hurriedly built colony ship carrying the fleeing survivors of an asteroid strike on Earth. *nerd satisfied*
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:O Poor Earth. I live there.
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Catastrophically belated "Extinction is Not an option."