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Dear Friends I want to wish you a happy Holidays and a Happy New year! I wish you all happiness, love and health :hug:
I also would like to wish peace and love through out our world, and I wish all the animals to be safe and not harmed :heart:

:bulletpink: I am thankful for everyone of you for your kind messages :huggle: Thank you!

:bulletpink: I am grateful and honored to my dearest friend :iconybsilon: for your kindness of giving me 3 months membership :hug: Thank you! 
You brought a joy to my heart thank you dear, Love you very much :kiss::heart:
Please view her beautiful works, she is super talented and a very kind friend. She also has an amazing stock page :iconybsilon-stock: :heart:

:iconybsilon: Beautiful works :tighthug:

Der Wachhabende (Guard Commander) by YBsilon  The Beginning by YBsilon  Toothache by YBsilon  Expedition by YBsilon  Narcissism by YBsilon  Dreaming by YBsilon  Lucy in the sky with diamonds by YBsilon  Lazy Santa by YBsilon  Where do fairies come from ? by YBsilon 

:bulletpink: And as I promised to feature you! Here it is, long but beautiful :hug:

Thank you for sharing your art.

The Further by neverdying <da:thumb id="346371686"/>  Cursed Waters - Detail by Shades-Of-Lethe  I Neeeeed Some Rest by sesam-is-open   SECLUSION... by chryssalis  Manhattan Across the Hudson by Trippy4U  Persephone by emanrabiah  Insomnia by mogster58  Farewell by amrgalal7  The Punisher by Sandra-Cristhina   Fantasy dreams by touchofthesoul <da:thumb id="340644936"/>  Elektra by FurorArt <da:thumb id="419250567"/>  Dorothy Grew Up by meregoddess  On Holiday Mood..... by Tigles1Artistry  And it.... by Cinnamoncandy 

Mature Content

The Bath of Venus by KangTengri
 <da:thumb id="420726748"/>  Bewitched by frenchfox  Bloody Mary....Bloody Mary.....Blood... by vampirekingdom  Pendant of Divine Wisdom by Tahyon  Meridiana by PetyaPlamenova <da:thumb id="413657175"/>  The king is dead by iliumleather  The Road To Awe by Kythra  Tropical Paradise (Night Version) by stargateatl  Beware....It's Venom!! XD by Venom-V13  <da:thumb id="414635834"/>  Bogeyman by okissop <da:thumb id="413725610"/>  Candlelight by DIGI-3D   Horizons by DanielLightfoot Sanctified Decay by MarcoHerrera   Winter silence by DiosaEMR  Halloween Night by MissGrib  Time by sasha-fantom <da:thumb id="421893121"/>  the next by Bergkristalle <da:thumb id="398903941"/>  Leonardo DiCaprio... Art Work by arihoff  Molly by ZawArt <da:thumb id="413915829"/>  Broken.... by katiousa15<da:thumb id="421891955"/>  Redeemer by SRaffa  dreaming of a nightmare by chrica <da:thumb id="362420149"/> <da:thumb id="421434421"/>  Secret Present by Walking-Tall  Morelia Viridis Snake D71-4235 by BiBiARTs  How Does It Feel ? by giannisk  nights in paris by peroni68   Mirror by Sisterslaughter165  After Rain II by ZiaulKareem  Vegeta Super Sayian 3 by EckoSlime  Mr Grim-Smiles by Shayan-Nayash   Rue de Verneuil by Anantaphoto <da:thumb id="340610955"/>  Guard by Stardust-Splendor  Roofs of Eh Stein by Spiritofdarkness  Simurgh by sonia-p <da:thumb id="418597094"/>  Avril Lavigne 2 by CourtneyElizaDiena 

Mature Content

buried by doodler89
  Miranda Kerr by lashedcheek  Dragon rider Opressus by Maestro74   Guinea Hen by Mancuspia <da:thumb id="214637083"/>  Smile and Say Krampus! by KreepingSpawn  Jack Skellington by SaraySego <da:thumb id="420532141"/>   Behind Closed Eyelids by Joe-Maccer <da:thumb id="421610698"/>  Inlaid by PornuriMajid  Heart of Winter by EvilineMoonflesh  How our minds expand by offermoord  The World At Her Feet by HMissXX  Deathgodess by AtraLunaDesign  Bleeding Heart by KarinClaessonArt  <da:thumb id="418606201"/>  Point of no return by Aeon-Lux  I'm still waiting for you by SV-Blackart <da:thumb id="419768002"/>  Poison by maiarcita  Dessert by TheButcheress <da:thumb id="184788757"/> 

Mature Content

Gypsy by Avahlon
  My Struggle by ReginaldJean  Hope to see you soon by MariaBeloArt  Shhhhh!...... by TriciaS  Unfinished by Canankk  Yesterday Dream_07 by caddman  El Sol by eastcorkpainter  Misplaced, Dazed and Confused by Lemmy-X  Magical night by milenkadelic  Hellspider (Top View) by AirborneTerror  Vampire Bat by ramworship  Heart by MariaFeliciano   Valar Morghulis by damilepidus   Peacock by D-GATES  HOLLY 02 by mac2010 <da:thumb id="421590517"/> <da:thumb id="418728243"/> <da:thumb id="420430350"/> 

Mature Content

 <da:thumb id="392553649"/> <da:thumb id="407451943"/>  Lick My Love Pump by catelee2u   sheep's tree by rusipanov  Magno by DionysusCup

:bulletpink: I hope that i did not miss anyone! Please support one another :love:
Thank you for viewing
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Thank you so much Mona for your support and your friendship! :hug: I hope you are well. I wish you again (and late) a happy new year with a lot of love and great creations.