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Hello my friends :)

Here is a fantastic artist in DA that I love his artworks and I think he deserves a lot of attention in here.

My friend :iconartbatter:

<da:thumb id="348084593"/> <da:thumb id="402755950"/> <da:thumb id="398087823"/> <da:thumb id="416906050"/> 

I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness every day :hug: :heart: :)

I would like to Thank you, all you beautiful friends who sent me beautiful kind Valentine notes :heart: You Made My Day!!! Much Love! :tighthug: :rose:

Thank you for your friendship :blowkiss:

  Amor at work by YBsilon <da:thumb id="426499250"/>  

Mature Content

PENGUIN PROGRAM by Patrick2011
happy valentines day ___! by DIGI-3D Revolver by SRaffa  <da:thumb id="430808561"/> <da:thumb id="433284707"/>  No Title by iliumleather  Valkyrie by PetyaPlamenova <da:thumb id="423875394"/>   Aesthetic Intervention by Shades-Of-Lethe  Rosalind by amrgalal7  <da:thumb id="433709834"/>   Revenge by Sandra-Cristhina  DOMESTIC STRANGER (edit) by chryssalis  Sophie FaeWitch by mac2010   Industrial Heart by AirborneTerror  In Space by FurorArt  At the Edge of the World by neverdying <da:thumb id="429706153"/>  <da:thumb id="433822661"/>  Candlelight ... D717699 by BiBiARTs <da:thumb id="433402872"/> <da:thumb id="379435267"/>  Dark dream world by katiousa15  Frozen In Time by sesam-is-open <da:thumb id="423180095"/>  Star-Crossed by Kythra  Colder In NY Than A Well-Digger's Ass In Alaska by Trippy4U  Earthbound by Trippy4U <da:thumb id="433825291"/>  One Armed Woman by meregoddess  <da:thumb id="431538999"/>  The magic of the blue by touchofthesoul  trapped butterfly by peroni68  Vertical # 001 by DanielLightfoot  Across Frontiers by DanielLightfoot  Squared Circle #001 by DanielLightfoot  Thetis by Megan-Arts  A strange visitor by Maestro74 <da:thumb id="426995795"/>  chinese restaurant private by DAVOODIJAVAD3D  Gargoyle from St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork by eastcorkpainter  Catch hearts by DiosaEMR<da:thumb id="433077876"/> <da:thumb id="426533571"/>  El Guardian by MarcoHerrera   Antelope by sonia-p <da:thumb id="432871855"/>  Hommage to D. G. Rossetti by Canankk  

Mature Content

Woman with Cats by Stardust-Splendor
  Happiness by milenkadelic  THE HAUNTED collab work by MWeiss-Art  Allotrope by ianvicknair  Cosmos by Beholdentolove   Luna by mogster58  Dreamer by MariaBeloArt  Marvelous Clouds by stargateatl  Warriors Approach.... by Tigles1Artistry   You're very welcome........ by TriciaS 

Mature Content

away by doodler89
  Tiny King by joeyv7  Dark Anchor BW by ramworship  Temptation by vampirekingdom  By the Light of the Setting Sun by VicEberly  Transitions by xeena-dragonkizz <da:thumb id="434006192"/> <da:thumb id="434005871"/>  Last Breath by MissGrib  Don't Cry... by MissGrib   Fire Melody by emanrabiah  Crash in Time by frenchfox  Renovation by Spiritofdarkness  The Whisper in the Dark by offermoord <da:thumb id="431748269"/>  Next day by okissop  The Wall by damilepidus  HeartThink by HMissXX  Fellowship (2014) by MiSt-Stavi 

Mature Content

Der Ring des Nibelungen by KangTengri
  Remembrance by Cinnamoncandy  Nerea by maiarcita  The Drowning by chrica  Disobey by Walking-Tall  Chaotic Confrontation [speed painting practice] by Shayan-Nayash  On your hands by MariaFeliciano  Shimmering Ripples by catelee2u  Color of Life by Anantaphoto <da:thumb id="433421983"/>  Instant by ZiaulKareem  Grays of Africa by KreepingSpawn  Angel's Time by EerilyfairDesign  Una caja con mucho amor // Lots of love Box (II) by SaraySego  Night Seaside by Venom-V13     Tango by PABLORCO

Parallel Lives by Lemmy-X <da:thumb id="354230235"/>  Deep Unknown by Chrisma60 <da:thumb id="421590517"/>  <da:thumb id="433664010"/>  Hallucination house by PornuriMajid   <da:thumb id="425100997"/>  The Darkness at the Corner... by Hermetic-Wings  Welcome home by Bergkristalle  Ares by giannisk  cloud way by D-GATES <da:thumb id="425494582"/>  Teresa Wegrzyn  SUNSET MEADOW II by ARTBYTERESA 

Mature Content

Believe II Unborn by Biomech44
 <da:thumb id="422720113"/>  Marco by ZawArt  The Scream by Morbido13  The Return by Joe-Maccer  The Soul Collector by Tahyon  Ravens Grief by KarinClaessonArt <da:thumb id="432681944"/>   The Philosopher's Phone by crilleb50    Red rose by Ecathe <da:thumb id="427327017"/>  Sign from Heaven by Aeon-Lux  New World Order by TheButcheress <da:thumb id="415644794"/>   MASTIC SCUM - C T R L by isisdesignstudio  The Fire In Me by Bojan1558  CONFUSION OF COLOUR by wedges1  Happy Valentine's Day by Sisterslaughter165  Happy Thoughts Make you Fly by Wesley-Souza  FORGIVEN by A-D-McGowan   Guts       - Before fight against Nosferatu Zodd - by ParTzaN  art of grace by DivaMM    Image 5 by Meltin  BURNING DESIRE by uoyoonmira 

  Hopefully I did not miss anyone :heart: :)
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BiBiARTs's avatar
thank you so much for this wonderful feature and sorry for my late repley, dearest Mona :heart:
PornuriMajid's avatar
merci merci bazam berci!!Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug 
Lilac90's avatar
Thank you alot dear Mona :), really I'm appreciated it ...!!!
MariaFeliciano's avatar
Thanks for all your support and love!!! Those are great artists and being part of your selections is an honor. Have a blessed week :hug:
j3ff3rson's avatar
Thank you so much dear :aww:
Morbido13's avatar
Thank you very much for including my work among such talented artists :heart:
chrica's avatar
Thank you so much for including my work! ♥
ParTzaN's avatar
You made my day <3  Talented Friend <3
and thanks for picking my work :D
Sandra-Cristhina's avatar
Thank you so much dear Mona :iconkissingplz:
okissop's avatar
Thanks a lot Mona! :tighthug: I'm so happy that you still feature me! (I don't realize a lot of progress for two years...)
Walking-Tall's avatar
Thank you kindly for including my work in your wonderful feature! :)
HMissXX's avatar
Thank you so much, my so very talented friend!:rose::heart:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Dear Mona, thank you very much for made me part of this beautiful regal of art, I'm honored.:heart: Love-Tulips by KmyGraphic
Ecathe's avatar
Thanks so much dear for the feature
BlueButterflies by KmyGraphic
vampirekingdom's avatar
Amazing!!!!Thank you so os much for this!!!!!:love:
Bergkristalle's avatar
wonderful feature!:clap:
many thanks for including my work dear Mona! :hug:
crilleb50's avatar
thank you very much for the feature :hug: :rose:
maiarcita's avatar
Lovely collection!! :love:
Thankss so much for including my work, I really appreciate your kind support!! :blowkiss::rose:
catelee2u's avatar
Thanks Mona!!! Lovely feature! :iconsmallheartplz:
MissGrib's avatar
Thanks very much for the feature my sweet friend :love: Much love to you too :heart:
frenchfox's avatar
Thank you dear Mona ! :dance: I'm very happy and flattered to be featured in your lovely selection ! :hug:
ArtByCher's avatar
Thank you so much my dear Mona! So many wonderful pieces. Much peace and love to you my friend! :tighthug::love:
Cinnamoncandy's avatar
Thank you so much for including me in this beautiful feature. :hug:
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