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Mona J
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I do many things; from drawing, painting, sculpting and coding in HTML and CSS, to building computers, writing, and playing games.

Also, I like drawings and photos involving pregnancy, and I've made a few good ones myself ^^


I've started treatment now, finally.
Guess I'll feel worse at first, though, before I feel better.
Pregnant Quick Sketch Pre1
Tried drawing again, in GIMP.

Managed to draw this far on the first try; thus far, the best pregnant belly seen from the front that I can recall drawing from scratch digitally.
New Belly
I've been trying to get my hands on a Moonbump, or similar, for a while now, but not had much luck.

Eventually, I decided to just go with my original plan, of replacing the water-filled balloon at the core of my design with one that's filled with water beads.

It took me 16 hours - 12h to grow 2.4kg worth of beads, and 4h to get them inside the balloon.
(I'll need to work out a better system for that.)

I'm pleased with the result though, and I've been told by some that I look around 7-8 months pregnant.

Unfortunately, the leotard I've been using has gotten too small since I last used it, and wearing the belly for too long gave me back problems, despite having been able to wear it longer, and even sleep with it on in the past.

So I only took a few pictures this time, but I will do more as soon as I can get my hands on a replacement leotard!
The Moonbump is nearing my reach again, but likely won't have it until next year.
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So, it's been almost a year since I last made an update.

I managed to find work for five months (Jan-May), working as an IT security consultant.

It did pay well, though my dad ended up paying bills with most of my earnings (payment went into the family business; we had not agreed on him using it to pay bills beforehand...).

Because of this, I again shelved all plans of acquiring a Moonbump for the foreseeable future, and instead tried to focus on finding more work, ideally doing Linux support; I sent in resumes and cover letters to a few places, but not heard anything back yet.

Instead of, as I had also planned, getting a powerful laptop that I could install Linux on, I did a bit of refurb on a MBP 2011 that a friend gave me, since it was in kinda rough shape; the battery had swollen almost to the point of making it look pregnant, and it would constantly overheat.

It still runs really hot, but I installed a new replacement battery, so if the magsafe pops out, I don't lose anything for at least 3-4 hours.

I installed Ubuntu on it, and managed to get GIMP running on it as well; it can get slow and chug, due to the low system memory (4 GB), and if left on for too long will start showing severe graphical artifacts, but I've been able to do some graphic design on it by being careful, and allowing it to cool off on a regular basis.

I guess I could upgrade the RAM, or - at the very least - replace the thermal paste, and check the fans, so it runs a little cooler; RAM is expensive, so I may as well wait and see what happens with the thermal paste before I decide to do that.

It's mainly so I can do things if I absolutely don't feel like getting out of bed, so for now, I can live with it being subpar.

I'm about three months away from beginning hormone treatment, and found out I'll likely be able to get patches, which is a good thing.

Hopefully at that point I'll feel like being more active, and maybe head to the public library during the day and teach people how to Linux, maybe refurbish some older smartphones.

Oh, and yeah... Today is election day in Sweden.
I went and voted ahead of time.

The xenophobic, racist, sexist, misogynist, anti-LGBTQ and Nazi-sympathetic party of The Sweden Democrats have been making a lot of noise in the media lately.

But then, so have people that have taken a closer look at their agenda, and specifically how it's worded; it's quite clear, despite the deliberately toned-down rhetoric, that they want to turn Sweden into Gilead from The Handmaid's Tale.

I'm not going to be able to sleep.
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