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Got it as part of my Birthday
If you want to add me, i'll send my friend code in private note
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M Y  F R I C K I N G  E A R S  G O T  B L E S S E D

Also, warmona is canon

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Due to i put too many pics of a female character in a franchise folder, i decided to create a individual folder for each one of them.
Only for separate the "NSFW" of SFW from my fav content.
I'm totally ran out of ideas and i need more "spicy" content for my NSFW Tumblr. Anyone who can contribute for lewd-up a character maybe i'll consider it as a free request.

No boys (girls only, sorry), No futa or any weird fetish (boobs and butt expansion is accepted, but not in exaggerated level), No Gore, No Complex chars, No Ponys. It can be a cartoon girl or a videogame girl.

You can find me as "genesixrpanic" in Tumblr and ask me a suggest.

Note: if you are under 18, or hate completely the lewd stuff, please don't enter and ignore this journal. Thank you.
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Thanks for everybody for the congrats and gifts because of my awful and boring birthday. I love you all. Headbang! WarioWare Smooth Moves - Mona Icon 
Char Reference:
Rachel J. Rose - 2017 Design by monachao Ms. Cherrie's 2018 Rebrand by monachao
[Rachel J. Rose]

You need:
- Give only credit, you don't need permission
- Note me with link of your draw

- NSFW is completely accepted. I have no complaints about that.
- Made them with a great sense of humor.
*only the following fetishes are accepted*
- Soft bondage
- giant woman
- TG
- soft feet (excluding smells)
- soft gore (only as satire)
- tickle
- bimbofied
- facesitting
- boobs and ass pinups (i like pervy stuff, so one of them are completely grateful, specially the ass pinup :3)
Not Accepted:
- Complete gore
- loli-convert (don't be like shadman, sorry)
- balloon expansion
- weight gain (fat pics)
- farts
- futanari (*SPECIALLY THAT ONE*)
- photo-montages (i exclude if it's in case of top 5-10) (I dont want to be hypocrite, but i made bad photo-montages in a very dark past...)

Most important: Having fun. ;)…

Not suitable for minors. SERIOUSLY.…

The next week my job on the summer couse will end, and i'll have more time to draw stuff.

So, the Art Trades are now open!

- No fetish, vore or anything else.
- All my friends (who are watched) can request all the trades what they want, others: Only one trade per person.

That's it. Good luck!
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