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I'm really glad you're back, blue man! by monachao I'm really glad you're back, blue man! by monachao
Recently, i noticed what various game franchises which i considered "dead" are returning like Bomberman, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, until Bubsy, and finally, is turn to the the beautiful hardworking redhead (and her fat greedy punk) to shine.

WarioWare Gold is the name for the new misadventure of Wario and his crazy gang, despite being another poor excuse for Nintendo for not leave dead the 3DS and being a bait for more Ashley p0rn, i'm going to have more access, because the 3DS at least is less expensive comparised to the home consoles here on Tacoland.
*cough*THE SWITCH*cough*.
To be honest, i'm still unconvinced about Ko Takeuchi's current style to the characters for Wario's gang (specially Wario, looks like an FREAKING PEDO) but well, it will be have fully voiced characters (and can do a abriged series with that studio shit) and a latinamerican dub, thing what i'm not really expected.

Ironically, by the Sonic's side, Sonic Mania got an update this year for include 2 new characters forgotten from the classic franchise (Mighty and Ray from the Segasonic arcade) and a "Encore" mode which is nothing like a recolored stages with a Chaotix-like life mechanic everything named Sonic Mania Plus. I thought what is was a scam by part of Sega, but i end to like it, pretty decent for my taste. Too bad about Amy.

I'm currently saving cash for buying the new WarioWare Gold and a 3DS, but unfortunately Sonic Mania have to wait a little bit more (until next year), the first thing i need is the game because Wario games here are completely rare to found (i have almost 4 years searching a damn copy of D.I.Y. in my country, so you'll have the idea). Gimme luck to earn enough cash and search the game when it's come out to sale.

Also, Congratulations to Tyson Hesse and his team for finish the Sonic Mania Adventures miniseries.

Last thing: The style of these two are almost easy for recreate. :O
DevilRacer41 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
I know how you feel, because WarioWare games also happen to be rare where I live. In fact, I have never seen a copy of WarioWare Touched in any of the shops that I've went to. Oh and the copy of WarioWare Twisted that I got from a pawn shop didn't have the original box. When I got a copy of WarioWare Inc. Mega Microgames, I was lucky enough to find a boxed copy and it was a brand new sealed in box game. Game and Wario was a game that took me a year to find just because I wanted to find a good deal on it which I eventually did. 

When I found out that WarioWare Gold was coming to 3DS and not the Nintendo Switch, I had to run over to my local game shop and purchase a red Nintendo 3DS XL which gobbled up a lot of my debit card money (I also had to use pyshical money as well due to the $100 limit on the card itself), but it was worth it though. I also happen to be saving up for WarioWare Gold as well. I pre-ordered my copy and I hope I'll have enough money to buy it when it eventually arrives at the shop. 
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