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Zan Da Maaan update

this one was on my old account ...I tried to fix somethings hope you like it !!!!!

art © :iconmon3m:
Zangief copyright © Capcom
street fighter copyright © Capcom
"edited" the BG
I think this is better...hope you like it!!!!
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© 2008 - 2021 Mon3m
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AWESOME job!!!
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Oho! i faved this again! the first on your older account!
but! MAN! never thought an arab would like Zangief!
he's the most awesome character in SF!


Salam man
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thanks thanks thanks man !!!!
and yeah I like him....cause HE IS DA MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN !!!!
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POWERHOUSE FOOKER!!!:evillaugh: Right one man, BeeFin BulK draw here, totally diggin' it. Great pose, and wicked grasping hands:pissed: Sweet colors and lighting as well. Awesome image:shakefist:

PropZ budZ:katana:
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Good to hear yur feeling the energy and antsy feeling of progression. Luv yur stylin man, keep the vigor cause you be rockin YO~
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jajajaja ...I think I'm getting better everyday :D
glad you like it !!!!
....thanks Wade ;)
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jajajajaja thanks :D
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One of the coolest SF characters, too bad I suck at grappling characters (except Clark Still from KoF, I'm decent with him...Oh, you should draw him!).
Mon3m's avatar
mmmmmmmmm....I'll think about it :D
NuclearConvoy's avatar
you know who he is, then?
Mon3m's avatar
he is the guy with cap ...I think :sarcasticclap:
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Cap, shades, vest. Badass character. [link]
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i wish i could draw like you ;_;
Mon3m's avatar
you are to kind to say this :blushes:....thanks Lava :hug:!!!!
you have your style and it's amazing !!!! between us when I see your work I think the same ;)
Lavah's avatar
of course not, cuz you can do those awesome characters, i just draw girls and girlish boys LOL :hug:
Mon3m's avatar are a cute girl :evileye: you don't have to draw these freak guys ;)
but believe me you can do a lot of things I can't do !!!!!
Lavah's avatar
i'd love to learn to draw those freak guyz, for real its like my dream, but i think i must start from the begining and honestly i dont think i have the patience to do that anymore ;_;

thanks :hug: :heart:
Mon3m's avatar
you should know.... I'm fighting myself to do a lot of things ^_^ :hug: :heart:
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