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Dear ones, now I am here for about one year, a year that has given me a lot of pleasure. I was able to collect many interesting impressions, see wonderful art and get to know lovely people.
I would like to say thank you for the many wow-moments and interesting insights into your creative ideas. In addition, of course, I am also very happy that I can share my own works here ... Your support and appreciation is just great and very enriching.

Thank you for everything!

This is just a small selection of your pictures that have impressed me so far ...
and of course, my thanks also go to those of you who are not mentioned here.

Agura Machine III by Agura-Nata

A Visit To Seiberling Nature Realm Last May by MYPeanutGallery

Coral Reef with HeightMapLimIFS Fishes by marijeberting

Fresh Start by Rozrr

Raumhafen XEROS 3 by viperv6

One more Anubis by nicsadika

Happy Birthday Coco by Shadoweddancer

Retrogressive Bulbs :} by Sabine62

Short-horned grasshopper by OshimaruKung7285

5tre1 by Dawgit

Golden Years by DDimitri16

Mondo di Spirali by hypex2772

The earthly abode of God by AnnaZLove

Purple Floral Glass by CatSpaceDesign

How to spell B-U-L-B by MasterOfAnkh

Rushing Sea Urchin by gannjondal

Winter food! by mockingbirdontree

Gold Encrusted Emerald by poca2hontas

Celebi by Masteroflemon

Lair of the Underground Inventor by OttoMagusDigitalArt

Feb022301 by lolovest12

Making Believe by Minia4

2017 10 13 4 by VirusNO1

Indiana Zoo...6 by gintautegitte69

640z by AkuraPare

The First fish by retransmission

K911. by Eternatease

Jwildfire-170712-4 by FractalRock

Mercury by Aerin-Kayne

rudder by tsahel

We're Back! by vanndra

metal meddle by ChasMandala

The Knots That Connect Us Strengthen Us by metafrost

Calango by boanergesjr

Fractalholic 5042 by Fractalholic

FORBIDDEN MEMORY by lynnkauffman

Layers of Blue by PaMonk

Xylography ... by LaxmiJayaraj

Toxicity by EkohHD

Window to another world  by creativemikey

The Orange Grove by DaffodilB


600 Uf Chain Pong - Atalaya by zisgul

Asplenium parvati by FranticMezmer

Psyche by astra888leddher

Antique Wallpaper by wwGinger

Travelling... by MarianthiZ

The Magician by Lilyas

FloralFractals Series #304 by Ninja2401

Pale by Astrantia01