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Effin' nature, man.

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The main character, Bruce, of the fanfiction Oh to be Old Again by Minalkra ([link]).

Fucking nature, man, this shit's fucking glorious.
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He looks so cute
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Hey, whaddya know, he finally found himself a smoke.
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He's all like "What the Fuck are you staring at asshole?"
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Holy shit, that's awesome! I don't what to say. Other than ... yes. Yes it is. Can I link to this? Or maybe change the fic-pic?
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.....yes, but I think you also already know that. I'm also super pleased you like it, I nearly peed myself with joy when I saw it as the cover for your story. I am really glad I added rainbow last minute, it's whimsical as fuck.
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It, it really ties things together somehow. It gives the background the essence of Equestria, of My Little Pony that really stands in sharp contrast to the smoking and snarky Bruce there. It really is a nice touch. I was going to say it could use one of those poofy ass clouds but there's not enough room really. Lower right, it adds heaviness to the bottom and his tail would cover most of it. Upper left, it looks 'tacked on' and would feel like it was just filling in space. Anywhere else and it'd interfere with the 'purity' of the rainbow and the smoke off the cig already does that really nicely. Make the entire thing bigger and you'd need to fill that space and it would take away from the essential 'character study' you've done.

I think you did a marvelous job. Also, I really like his m-A-ne.
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