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 [Warrior] of [Windclan] 
»  [ last updated : 12/20/18 ]
update log : Updated history, age, and relationships.

                                                »    name ] : 


                                                        prefix reasoning : Honey for golden-brown coloration in fur.
                                                      suffix reasoning  : Berry for a tendency to have a sweet demeanor.
                                                      nicknames : N/A
                                                     previous names : N/A

                                                »    gender and age ] : 


                                                        biological sex : Female
                                                      gender  : Female
                                                     age in moons : 30

                                                »    physical information ] : 


                                                        build : Slightly bigger build than the average cat of her clan but it is not notable.
                                                      simple appearance description  : A she-cat that is marked with a white blaze on her face and underside to her tail. Back legs are white and front have white socks with golden-brown tabby markings.
                                                      One brown eye and one green.
                                                      accessories : N/A

                                                »    sexuality and romance ] : 


                                                        sexuality : Pansexual
                                                      currently interested in  : N/A
                                                      mate : N/A
                                                      likes : Cats who are confident, ones who put others before themselves, those who put honesty before personal gain
                                                      dislikes : Those who needlessly harm others, recklessness and irrational behavior. Honeyberry would like to be confident that she can trust in someone she takes as a mate.

                                                »    training and abilities ] : 


                                                        mentor(s) : N/A
                                                      apprentice(s)  : N/A
                                                      abilities :
                              strength »
                              agility » 
                              speed »
                              swimming »
                              stealth »
                              climbing »
                              hunting »              
                              herbal medicine »

» Personality Traits

[ positive ]: - Bullet; Green

Honest - Loyal - Patient

Honeyberry is a cat that will in most cases be someone you can rely on to give you a caring demeanor from the outside but she is more than that. She is not one to tell to be dishonest but knows where her loyalty lies, with her clanmates. Very rarely will she become short-tempered with any situations. She is someone you can count on to take the fall for her actions without complaint. If you need a cat by your side that will be a friend for moons to come this is the one if you can earn her full trust.

[ neutral ]: - Bullet; Yellow

Humble - Sensitive - Contradictory

She is not the type to brag about accomplishments, but finds that the opinions of others does matter to her within a certain extent. This can lead to contradictory emotions within herself often about how to act around others as she wants the approval of her clanmates but doesn't want be considered a show off of any sort. She is sensitive to that is what is going on around her and wants to help others even when she has issues of her own to deal with.

[ negative ]: - Bullet; Red
Confrontational - Resentful - Inhibited

Will speak up when it comes issues with cats. Is not aggressive usually in the way she approaches but is not afraid to ask questions or point out things especially when it is a matter that is personally involving herself or close clanmates. Tends to be a bit resentful, tries to be forgiving of past incidents where others may break her trust but finds it hard to truly forget even if she forgives the incident. Finds it hard to relax and come out of her shell around others at times because of her wishes to be loyal to her clan. She finds that at times what she believes to be the right path of action is not the one she should be taking if she were to be true to her clan and sometimes even the warrior code. This has led to self doubt and an inability to truly open up to other cats easily.

» History


[ kithood ] :

Honeyberry was born as a single kit to her parents, she didn't really think about that though. She went through kithood without much of a second thought to things, playing with bugs or whatever she could find within her limits of things to entertain herself with. her mother did seem to be a little bit more protective of her than some of the other kit-bearer's were of their kits. Often times she didn't really even play with the other kits though, feeling unsure as of how to really make friends very easily without any siblings of her own. It had always seemed easier to play on her own so thats what she did which made for a bit of a lonely upbringing that resulted in some of her later insecurities.

[ apprenticeship ] :

During apprenticeship Honeyberry finally started to gain a little more confidence in interacting with the other clanmates. It all started with a tom-cat named Squirreltail though as that was the mentor she had been assigned all that time ago. He was the one who taught Honeyberry that the cats of your clan must always be the cats you are loyal to first. Even before yourself. At first she didn't quite understand, being alone as a kit she had gotten used to mostly ignoring the other kits(who'd gone on to become apprentices) and had always been unsure of how to feel about the others. But it was something she was doing for the good of the clan and that was all there was to it really. It was just another thing that would be coming along as part of the future she would have in her eyes/

[ warriorhood ] :

As time passed the day did that Squirreltail decided that Honeyberry was fit to be given the title of a warrior. She was doing everything right. Helping clanmates, memorizing the duties and morals that she would need to follow. Or so it seemed.

Honeyberry never spoke up regarding her true feelings, finding it hard to do such a thing as her clan was counting on her. So, she continued silently into an unhappy life as a warrior. Loneliness had plagued her still, the same loneliness that been there since the beginning, a gnawing feeling she ignored. So, she led a fairly normal and bleak life thus far with nothing notable to her own sights in what she had done this far. Would she ever truly be happy with her place here?

The war didn't effect Honeyberry as heavily as other cats in her clan, she didn't lose anyone close to her but it did make her worry for her clanmates in all honestly. With the recent return of Starclan she began to have hope to find more guidance for herself on her path in Windclan but is still unsure of herself. With the recent fox attack, a looming feeling of guilt had seemed to be at the corners of her mind knowing she didn't do anything, that all she did was flee the scene even if she also knew there was nothing she could have done to help. She decides to attend the Gathering as an attempt to clear her mind and ease her troubles that she has been faced with in her day to day clan life.

» Relationships

Bullet Guide

Bullet; Green || acquaintance 
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green || friend
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || good friend
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || close friend

 Bullet; Orange ll like
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll respected
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll greatly respected
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll idolizes

Bullet; Red llslight attraction
Bullet; RedBullet; Red ll attraction
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red ll infatuation
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red ll lust

Bullet; Pink || slight crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink ||crush 
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink ll major crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink ll love

Bullet; Blue ll wants to get to know them
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll misses
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll can't bear without

 Bullet; Purple ll platonic Like
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll like Family
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll joint at the hip

Bullet; White ll slight suspicion
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White ll major suspicion
Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White ll distrust

Bullet; Black ll annoyed by
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black ll dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black ll hate
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black ll despises

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!  ll shy
 Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! ll nervous
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! ll discomfort
 ll missing/Status Unknown
 ll dead
salmon heart bullet  ll mate
Rose ll family
Black Rose ll fling / ex-mate 

- - -  

Rainycloud:bulletgreen: | Windclan
"I have missed your presence greatly as of late. I do hope you are alright."
Cloudheart:bulletgreen::bulletblue: | Thunderclan
"Oh, Deputy of Thunderclan...I wonder how strong you are. I hope to meet you in peace at more Gatherings to come."

Credits - art by aleskay (with permission to use on my application)
"An unfulfilling existence is what I experience."
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