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Naruto Ch 615 - Momo made a joke!

I thought of this sometime yesterday, and I'm not doing anything better today, so I decided to make it after all. :icongawwplz: I am disappoint at myself for tracing but whatevs. :thumbsup:

I thought of this cuz of how Hinata proves to be the stronger character than Naruto in the situation, so it's just... really really funny to me. Like... 'Since I'm the legitimate badass now, we're gonna change the title'. :giggle: Cuz also there've also been the jokes about 'The manga is called Naruto! Not Sasuke!' :lmao: so yeah~

* Oh btw, Sakura shouting '120%' is my pun off of a shoujo manga called Hinata 120%. The protagonist name is also Hyuga Hinata. :iconimmastupidplz: I never read it, I don't think it's scanlated anyhow. Prolly not even good either. ^^;
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hahaha , i love it , NaruHina 4 ever
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Words cannot describe how happy I've been about how involved Hinata has been in the last few chapters.:-) My heart nearly skipped a beat when she slapped some sense into Naruto, and I truly hope this trend will continue in future chapters. Like how she in the newest chapter fixed Naruto's shoulder so that he could throw his rashengan. GO HINATA!:D
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I really liked the moment, a true mirror of the situation from the Chunnin eliminations. Proves that Naruto and Hinata are each other's strenght. Also luv the joke :D
I'd read a manga with Hinata as the main character in a heartbeat. IN A HEARTBEAT!
I've found the manga it's also called Rich Girl 120% ....:iconblushingplz: just letting you know
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I found it too. ^^; It's still not any good.
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Thank you Hinata, for Slapping Naruto Back into Reality =D
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Haha, reading Ch. 615, I can see why you made this. X3
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HAHAHAHAHA! I honestly thought the same thing Momo-chan!
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kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! finally!!!! i love it!!! the naruhina rocks!!
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Hinata rocks!! I can't understand why Naruto likes Sakura, I mean don't get me wrong I like her, but she's so obsessed with Sasuke and she can't see the one that cares about her really much. And lets face it - Hinata always loved Naruto and she believed in him when no one did so she's really right for him and I hope they end up together. Anyway, that was a great chapter and I can't wait for the next one to see what happens.
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I really love this chapter x3
I'm totally for NaruHina x3
I mean, Hinata fight for her love, and is not so 'weak' as Sakura :D
I like Sakura too, but Hinata is my favorite Girl in Naruto.
She is willing to die for Naruto.
Shalalala mei oh mei, looks like the boy's too shy, C'mon and kiss the girl~
Just DO IT Naruto!
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Actually I like the idea of spinoff or at least a new name title.
After all, Hinata Hyuga is in fact one of my main favorite character. ;D
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YEESSSSSS! I think that there should be a spinoff manga just for her; we can finally get some Hyuuga history and everything!
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I would mind if this happens... Or just a spinoff series called, "Hyuuga." Even better, a series called, "Naruto and Hinata." Hinata's importance in this manga just went ten-fold. Seriously, she is facing down the Juubi with only Naruto by her side.

Also, if Sakura wasn't so in shock and the moment wasn't serious, she would have been totally cheering for her.
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ok just because you had to tell me about a manga called Hinata 120% I had to do some digging. turns out it is scanlated on mangafox... As Rich Girl 120% the summery is "Rich Girl 120% is about Hinata Hyuuga. Hinata lost both of her parents and declared herself to be loneliest person in the world. Hinata's grandmother is the CEO of a large company that now Hinata is suppose to inherit. However, Hinata expresses no interest in the being rich and attempts to annul the contract.":iconyeahrightplz:
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Yeah I know that. ^^; The summary is on baka-updates, (probably ANN too, I forget), and yeah I found it on mangafox too with that alternate title. It really is a mediocre shoujo. :iconimmastupidplz: I skimmed through about the first five pages just to see what the art style looked like and that Hinata's personality. All the terribles. :lmao:
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Man, I always loved her character. (My fave) But She just emotionally kicked ass in that chapter! (Don't worry, you weren't the only one cheering her on.)
lol nice job, and yeah Hinata was cool this chapter
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