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How to gradient dye tutorial

Going to be a Huge file. Sorry about that!! >_<;

A tutorial about how to gradient dye and the process I used when I dyed my Terra Branford cape from Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Download for a better view of the pictures.

Any questions? Ask away~~:star:

Edit: When I say "shake and bake"....don't actually bake the dye and water solution. Shake. That's all you need to do. LOL
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I have to gradient dye a kimono from red to light green. The character is Koujaku from DMMD, if references might help. The majority of the kimono is red, fading to light green at the bottom and the ends of the sleeves. Could you maybe suggest a way I could dye this fabric to get the right fade?
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you've probably already answered this but do you happen to rember where you bought your fabric and how much it was per yard? was it like a chain store or something like that? I'm looking for a similar color gold/yellow silk for a project and I was hoping to get an idea of where to start lookin for it and maybe a mental estimate
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Thank you very much for this :3 It will be helpful for my future Yuna FFX-2 cosplay :)
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will this work when you want to do something different to a wedding dress
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Would this work for Yuna's Kimono sleeves?
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Would this work for Yuna's Kimono sleeves?
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This is a great tutorial! Thanks so much for posting this!

One question: I'm going to be cosplaying Terra this year. What pattern did you use for the cloak? Was it just a rectangle, or did you have to cut it in any special way?

Again, thanks so much for posting this up! It's a great and clear tutorial! And your cape turned out so wonderfully 8D.
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No problem :)

Hmm...not 100% sure of the pattern, I do believe in the end it was not a rectangle when I finished the cape. As you can see in the tutorial, it's a big rectangle, but I think I cut portions off the top to accommodate the shape and drape of the fabric. (It was kind of a..guess and test to be honest I think.) Sorry that I can't give you any concrete help with the shape >__<;
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Haha, it's fine. Great work on the cape in any case :) It's a beautiful outcome.
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You're most welcome :)
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wonderful tutorial momoiro-machiko, i have add this tutorial in our final fantasy cosplay tutorials list at [link] work from you!!
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Oooooh, I love useful AND humorous tutorials *A* And also, I was looking for this one. Thanks a lot ^^
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No problem :) Glad it helps!
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Very interesting! Outdoor dyeing is definitely a good idea; I gotta wait till the summer to do more of that fun stuff. ^_^
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Well, it was either dye it outside or get murder by my mom if I tried it inside..LOL
The only problem was that when were first set it up and were ready to go...It started raining!!
-__-; So we went back inside and watched tv and waited for it to clear up after an hour and a bit..
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Oh bummer rain sucks. And I bet if it's too hot outside, it might be really unpleasant to be working for 2 hours dipping fabric. But it's a step up from getting murdered by your mom!!
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yes yes....having a mother murder her own child isn't good on the family reputation. LOLOL.

It was a nice day/afternoon when we did the dyeing. It wasn't too hot...but since you're close to the stove burner the temperature rises a bit...LOL
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OMG.... looking at these pics I realized how 70's ghetto fabulous the batcave is!

The CARPET >__<"
momoiro-machiko's avatar
You gotta love the carpet. I's so heinous that it doesn't matter what I spill on it. ROFL!!
Ghetto Fab = the way to go in a batcave.
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Wow, saving this in case i need to use this tutorial later.
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Have fun gradient dyeing when you do~~ lol
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Awesome tutorial <3
Love the outcome!
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