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December 30, 2011
One Man's Trash... Winner of the "Starbucks Frappuccino Contest 2011" by *Momo-Deary
Featured by WDWParksGal
Suggested by Arichy
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One Man's Trash...

EDIT: Omg, wowww!! I'm so incredibly ecstatic, :'D You have no IDEA!!! Ack, you're all so amazingly sweet, thank you ALL for the congrats and best wishes :'3 I wish I could type thank you to every single one (I TRIED, LOL BELIEVE ME) But I will get carpel tunnel soon D': Haha, SO HERE'S A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL~!!! You've all been awesome and supportive XD <3

<333 Finished it, not a moment too soon X_X

What makes me happier than anything else is being able to find the good in everything. From the most disgusting pools of oil, garden eyesores and rotting remains, a whole other world can be imagined, created deciphered from almost anywhere. :) It's what makes us human and keeps us smiling.

Wish me luck~ <333 I could really use the money X_X lolol
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lonelynightrain's avatar
WHOA!  Outstanding!
coralberry's avatar
Congrats for the win!
Kioshe's avatar AMAZING!!!!! :D <3
dragonfly1991's avatar
what a wonderful work!
kingafreund's avatar
That´s fantastic. Its really awesome.
Unipolly's avatar
Congratulations on first prize AND DD!!! I absolutely love this piece!!
Momo-Deary your work is outstanding i just love it keep up the good work ! I wish you luck and only good things. It is just perfect!
Momodeary's avatar
Thank you so much! :') I really appreciate it :hug:
No problem I mean it love .
MelodyYaa's avatar
It's... Beautyful. I love it. <3
this is a truly remarkable piece! i love how you have blended two of the most amazing things: starbucks and imagination. this piece is not only captivating, but it is also inspirational. would you mind if i used this in my blog? i would give you full credit and link it back to this piece. i just love it so much and want to share it with all of my friends! :)
Momodeary's avatar
Please do! :) <3 That's so awesome, thank you so much! It makes me feel really good that people can find inspiration in my piece!
thank you! i really appreciate it and congratulations on winning the contest! you deserved it with this piece :)
Nectarino's avatar
It's the bright, bold colours that make it really stand out. Me like =P
TeenTitans4EVER's avatar
So beautiful! Congrats on winning. I just love the apple core turning into the ferris wheel and the bottom of the cup. Just a really spectacular piece of work.
SleepyQueen's avatar
This is so beautiful good luck in the contest~!
mapelie's avatar another man's treasure. This is definitely extremely priceless treasure. This will sure be a win! Congrats for the DD!
CartoonCoolHero's avatar
Congratulations for win the contest =)
Mununsah's avatar
One man trash is another man treasure. you took that common expression to a more visual span. it could be translated as one man's illusion is another man's reality or one can find heaven within all of hell. It's seem that you've broken the fourth wall with this piece. Awesome!!
FaDemian's avatar
wasabili530's avatar
this is AMAZING! I love the idea! I wish you the best of luck in the competition and I hope you win!
Momodeary's avatar
Haha, I did win, actually :3 you're like, the tenth person who's wished me good luck today for that X3 you're so sweet! Thank you so much though, it's really fun to have one picture get so much publicity in one year :)
wasabili530's avatar
yayy :D
you're very welcome! and that's rly cool, how long ago was it?
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