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The Fangtastic Dynamic Duo

Ugh. This picture. Just... Ugh.

Seriously. I have tinkered with it and tinkered with it and I just can't make it do what I want it to do.


...Anyway. I've messed with it so much that I'm sick of it and just don't care anymore. xD

So here you go! Have some Lestat and Armand, the Dynamic Duo of the vampire world. At least, that's how I see them...

I think Armand looks rather dapper with a haircut, don't you? SWAG.


Lestat and Armand (c) Anne Rice.

Art (c) me.
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© 2011 - 2021 MomoCullen
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Hahaha they're perfect!
Gosh, Armand is tiny.
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1st glance:"..."*doesn't recognize them*

2nd glance:"Lestat! You look good!"*doesn't recognize Armand*

*staring at the smaller one*:"Is that...Armand?"

Well, he looks very different :D Boyish, elegant. Still beautiful.
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Nice, love these two! :D
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!! So good! gah!
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Oh that is so lovely! <3 I love there poses and expressions! and love Armand's Hair cut ;) he looks sexy! you have nothing to be disappointed about, it's a lovely pic of art! ^_^
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Thanks so much! :blowkiss:
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Haha, love it. Ah, I can always look to your work for Vampire Chronicles art. LOVE the poses and expressions. They look quite debonair. Especially Armand and his haircut.
MomoCullen's avatar
puddinginthesky's avatar
You're quite welcome!
Sophie-DeLioncourt's avatar
<3 armands swag haircut! And it's not too bad! They are the dynamic duo, I keep them (book form) under my pillow whenever I go to sleep!
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Armand always looks nice with a haircut. I mean, he can't always have his hair long. He'd get bored.
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Aww its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think it looks rather nice ^^
Give ur self more credit! >: D
MomoCullen's avatar
Aw, thank you, hun. :3
lilburi4ever's avatar
You're welcome ^^
HyuugaJoja's avatar
I see them as The Dynamic Duo too :D:D
MomoCullen's avatar
Haha WOOO! They so are. xD
Hedonistbyheart's avatar
hah oh I wish I could fave this more than once! this is so crisp, colorful and lovely! there expressions are brilliant and I love the composition - very dynamic indeed:D (and yes, he DOES look dapper with that haircut;))
MomoCullen's avatar
o3o Thank you so much!!
Hedonistbyheart's avatar
you're very welcome:D
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haha I luv it, I actually imagine this two like that XDD
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