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Spectatormole part 3

By Momo-mole
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The final page of my three part spectator comic for Endling's Endzone tournament. Once again, it looks a bit chicken-scratchy for my tastes, but then again, for all I know that could just be my style. That's how I roll. I live for this. Dude.
Althoguh I appear to have drawn Humpty Dumpty looking up Ariel's skirt by accident. Oh well. The bloody thing is too short anyhow.
Anyway, hope you get a yuk out of it, that's what it's here for.
Rmas belongs to Gunnerromantic
Mr. Seles belongs to CaptRosko
Climber belongs to Unknown-person
Baghead belongs to Sketchfighter 316
Dr. Crooked, Mr. Dumpty, the pig, and Endzone belong to Endling
And Ariel (the cutie in the nurse dress) belongs to me. ^^

Link to page 1 for the newcomers!= [link]
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Sep 4, 2007, 5:47:41 PM
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Cute comic. Your link goes back to page 2 actually though, instead of page one, Just thought i would letca know. Great work.
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Thanks for giving the heads up, and glad you like it! XD
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LOL...high probablity you'll die in the next match...oh that's SO comforting haha
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Glad you liked it. ^^

The sad thing is that it's technically true! I mean seriously, these people are dropping like flies! o_0
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Ko kinda look like a guy (didin't recognize her at all until I read the above comment) but I really enjoyed the 3 page comic, heh

Pretty cool!
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Ah...that's the second picture this week where I seem to have lost my grasp of the female face.
Hmm. Not good.

Glad you liked it, though! ^^
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its very cute though im having trouble following whats going on.
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Eheh...umm, sorry about that, I'm just starting at the comic panel thing.
Lessee, which page is that....
Ariel the nurse talks to Ko-omote, then she's talking to Dr. Crooked about one of the inmates escaping, then she goes back into the room where Rmas and Skye are and takes Skye out to toss him back into the fray. I think.
Hope that makes more sense... ^^'
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oh! i thought it was a different demon coz ko has wings on her head,

but yes, i get it now.
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sketchyness has its own charm. I like it. :)
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Glad you like it! :boogie:
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