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April 12: Kirin's Egg
By MommySpike   |   Watch
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Published: April 13, 2009
The theme for April 12th on LJ: april_drawing was 'eggs' -- very fitting for Easter. Unfortunately, the boys have outgrown dyeing Easter eggs and now prefer to eat them so I couldn't draw ON eggs.

So I drew one.

Like most expectant fathers, Kirin is going to be from time to time just a liiiiiiiiittle obsessive about his child-to-be. Therefore, if he disappears for a few hours, one of the places that Ariana checks is the clan rookery where more often than not, her wayward mate can be found doting on their egg.
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TastyRainbow-Boy's avatar
I always thought.. how they do this? I lay an egg that big....? Ouch..
Sunstar-Of-The-North's avatar
Sunstar-Of-The-NorthHobbyist Traditional Artist
So. Adorable.
Noble-Maiden's avatar
Noble-MaidenStudent Digital Artist
I hope one day I can have my own children. What a beautiful picture
tinagirl1992's avatar
tinagirl1992Hobbyist Traditional Artist
how in the hell would those be layed???
VirgoGarg's avatar
VirgoGargProfessional General Artist
There is a fan theory going around that female gargoyles have pelvic bones that are made of a few separate bones held together with very strong muscles. These loosen during egg laying, allowing the pelvis to open much like a snake's jaws.

Not sure what Greg Weisman thinks of this.
Centaur71's avatar
I believe the egg starts small; about the size of an ostrich egg, then grows geometrically over time (while hardening) until its about the size of what Kirin is holding now...
lonelynightrain's avatar
lonelynightrainHobbyist Writer
(smiles) That is very good drawing of Kirin and Ariena. I guess all Dads are like that when they know they are going to be a father again or like you said before becoming a first time dad.
rockevergod90's avatar
Alright you got me: that is cute--and I'm a dude; but one day I'll have that feeling.
Scarfyjnr's avatar
Ok i admit thats cute. damnit. it makes me sick its so cute. Kirin would be a badass dad.
Reymonkey's avatar
Reymonkey General Artist
Awwwww! It's good to see a drawing of Kirin, and this is so sweet! I guess he started spoiling early...
OrigamiGryphon's avatar
I always wondered how that slim garg body could pass an egg like that. o.O

As always, awesome work <3
humanofprey's avatar
humanofpreyHobbyist Digital Artist
Let Kirin dot on the egg. After all those 30 years of pain Kirin went through thanks to a whore and all the intolerance he had to face from an ambitious clan leader and a over-protective time dancer, Kirin deserves to savor this unique moment.

Beautiful work :)
Lein744's avatar

BOBSZY's avatar
Couldn't boil up and draw on some anyway?

Very sweet.
MommySpike's avatar
MommySpikeProfessional General Artist
I did boil some up but then I put them in potato salad.
BOBSZY's avatar
=D Nothing wrong with that.
PriestessOfNox's avatar
Adorable. I love their expressions.
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
:aww: Aww, this is so tender. Funny too. :giggle:
DeadPegasus's avatar
I like to think he's singing that same lullaby the Master Splinter was singing in the recent TMNT movie.
DeadPegasus's avatar
Doesn't it take, like, 10 years for a hatchling to gestate inside an egg?
Litwolf689's avatar
Yep, the female carries the egg for a year, lays it, and then the embryo grows for ten years before hatching with the rest of its rookery. You can read more about Gargoyle eggs here if you want [link]
Clan-Claimers-Crew's avatar
The female carries it for six months, not a year. She concieves in September and lays the egg in March.
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