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A horror story by a parent:

That moment, when you are cleaning your child's room. And your hand picks up that. one. toy. The broken, deformed monstrosity that for some reason your child loves. You stare at it in complete disgust..wanting nothing more than to toss it into the trashbag you have with you. You realize, that you are alone in this endevor! Your child is at their grandparent' can rid yourself of the deformed calamity! You smirk in triumph as your hand moves towards the trash bag.

But then, your Jiminy Cricket kicks in. Your hand feels like it has been halted by some supernatural force. "But Momma..", you hear from some unknown source, "...What about when your little one comes home? What about when they spend hours looking for the toy? When they look at you with tears in your eyes and goes 'I left it right here!'"? You sneer at the thing. You are sure it is the one who spoke. You are also sure that it's face is now a sly grin. NO! You will defeat this evil. You try to find your reslove but you just picture your child crying and crying. Defeated your hand moves and you toss the vile monstrosity into the toybox. You swear you hear it laughing.

Even as you close the lid to silence the thing you swear it speaks. "You will never be rid of me. I am here. I am eternal."

With a defeated sigh, you continue your cleaning task. Praying admist the sound of the thing laughing in triumph, that your child eventually loses interest in the useless old thing.

  • Listening to: Maybe I'm a Lion?
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why are people flipping out about Ellie kissing a woman in the gameplay trailer to TLOU Part II? Did they not play the first games DLC? What is wrong with Ellie being a badass lesbian? Why are people dicks!?
I find it funny, that on my dead account, my Other M write up was "debunked" by a man who claims to love a female character for how strong she is while only favoriteing works that sexualize her. 

You can't debunk an opinion, man.
There is an older gentleman in the theatre we go to, to specifically watch Marvel Movies, who since the first Captain America, every time he sees me with either just Jason or our normal group he gets all excited. Says he is happy to see us, always shakes my hand. When the movie is over, if he has time he always bee-lines over to me and starts talking excitedly about the movie and comics with me. (I normally walk out first and wait for others he of course includes everyone else but he has said he loves talking to me.) He and I were exictedly talking about how things can change for infinity war 2. I said bye when Jason got out of the bathroom, he was like "I can't wait to see you again, dear."
Jason speculates that he just loves having someone to talk about marvel with and me being a she does not matter, he just loves my knowledge.
So. My husband hasn't seen Infinity War yet but I have because of a friend kidnapping me (I didn't know she was dragging me out to the movie or I would of requested husbando kidnapping too) We were just talking about being overdue for a date alone. Three friends from high school caught word of this. We now have tickets and money for a dinner. I.....never asked them for any of this. And I feel like a little bitch for crying about it.


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