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She'll Say I'm Not so Tough

Tiny adorable things making friends with enormous scary things... for me, you can't get any cuter. XD

I've tried to draw Discord a few times and never got him the way I like. I think this came out alright. ^^ I based him on the design of this artist here-->Draconequus

That's my favorite of him so far I think. :D

Watercolor and colored pencil 8.5x11in paper
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I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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Is that a reference to Billy Joel? Cool. Platonic FlutterCord is the best.
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Well you kinda are too and it's too cute, Discord
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this is for me actually the best interpretation of Discord I've seen so far.
Here's a Discord that looks good too  Discord MLP by GUN1GRAVE
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Everybody looks him like a monster but Fluttershy, who thinks he can be a good boy~ :3
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AwwwwwwwwwLa love ! So Cute I love the details on discord :-D!
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Thank you!  <3
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I specially like the look on Discord's face. Showing a bit of his old biterness in a kind of "Protective" way towards Futtershy. I also really love the anatomical proportions that he has next to her.
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Yaaaas! Protector Discord FTW!
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He is really cool here **
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Added this as a favorite- it's so detailed, and dragonish Discord is best Discord
and happy Fluttershy is best Fluttershy
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God, I love this. I love the juxtaposition of Discord's exaggerated, beastly features, and Fluttershy's delicate form and colors. Also that wing anatomy and gorgeous purple shading is just-mwa! Bellissimo! :D
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That is Epically adorable!
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This is sooo beautiful! The detail is amazing!
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i just love Discord here. Also I totally agree with "tiny, cute + huge, scary = HNG"
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Tee hee, it's just the cutest!
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The artstyles clash for me. you can't have a cartoon pony face and then a "realistic" dragon face
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To each their own. ^^
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This is absolutely stunning! The body language and facial expressions are perfect!

If I may ask, do you / have you considered offering prints of your work? You are extremely talented. *^^*
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